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How Salesforce Sales cloud can make your existing sales team more efficient

  • By Agira Technologies
  • September 20, 2022

A combination of sales efficiency and effectiveness is required to have good sales productivity. Sales efficiency is the amount of productive work time your sales team spends in a day. To create space for high-value activities and eliminate low-value activities. The number of additional prospecting calls made each day is a simple measure. Sales effectiveness is how valuable those additional calls turnout and what they deliver. An effective salesperson might convert 50% of these additional calls, while a less effective salesperson might convert 25% or less. Salesforce Sales Cloud integrates both effectiveness and efficiency to ensure maximum productivity. It focuses on impactful tactics like prioritisation, automation, and sales engagement tools.
Here, we discuss how Sales Cloud can improve your sales team.

Prioritise activities that deliver the highest impact

Prioritising work is no easy task. Especially when it comes to prospect prioritisation. But it is a big driver of success. How do you know if a deal is of low or high value? Or how do you train your salesperson to analyse the data and make the correct appraisal? SalesClouds AI capabilities guide salespeople and managers through this process by highlighting the opportunities that matter. These systems unify customer data across all departments and gain a holistic view of customers. SalesCloud Einstein analyses CRM data and applies algorithms to prioritise the most promising opportunities automatically.

Spend more time selling

 Time management is a must for succeeding in sales. But most of the time, salespeople do low-value activities like manual data entry. SalesCloud helps eliminate this problem and gives you more time to focus on the customers. It automates repetitive work and focuses on selling. Today’s intuitive and integrated sales system provides the salesperson with a prioritised list, prompts, insights, and trends to maximise productivity. The automation feature frees up time for marketers to analyse CRM data and make data-driven decisions.

Maximize team member’s potential

SalesCloud is a constant source of truth for your marketing and sales team. With access to insights and analytics, managers get extensive visibility into sales performance, identify improvement areas, and maximize return on investment in sales training. The software comes with fun, measurable and scalable enablement tools that reps can access. This helps your reps collaborate and create a highly productive workspace.

Collaborate and share data via a single source

Having your customer data in one place maximises your chance of providing better customer service. Having a single source of truth for sales teams and their leads makes collaboration and driving sales productivity much easier. Since SalesCloud is cloud-based, it contains the most updated data, leading to faster decisions.

Improve customer relationship

Sales Cloud has an account and contact management feature that gives your marketing and sales teams insights into your customers. Understanding your customer needs is essential in getting a deal over the line. With rich-customer data stored in one place, the salesperson can personalise the buying cycle to reflect unique customer needs. Displaying all data on the dashboard helps you anticipate customer problems and make informed and timely proposals to help their business. By enabling the right decisions at the right time, the sales team can create opportunities for revenue growth.

Another point to note is customer feedback. Marketing does not end with generating new leads and customers. Retaining customers and providing constant support takes your customer experience to the next level. Your CRM allows your marketing team to track your customers’ experiences with your products and services. This helps you improve your products and delivery and offer solutions to your customer’s pain points.

Lead Generation

Salesforce SalesCloud transforms your customer data into actionable insights with sales analytics and AI. It shows real-time analytics that tells your marketing teams what campaigns potential leads engage with. Marketers can develop high-value customer profiles based on the data and segment customers based on new behavior and actions. As SalesCloud converts raw data into actionable insights, your salespersons are left to focus on generating results. Companies can also personalise campaigns to appeal to their targeted audience, generating new leads.

Closing thoughts

Marketing continues to be an essential part of business functions. Empowering your marketing team with the right tools and systems helps them perform their role more effectively. Salesforce Sales Cloud is one tool that supports your marketing team, allowing better collaboration, real-time data access, and customer relationship management. For further queries on SalesCloud, reach out to our Agiratech strategist.


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