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Essential Salesforce Service Cloud features to improve Customer Service

  • By Agira Technologies
  • September 12, 2022

In the competitive race for excellence, personalized customer support stands out as the key to enhancing brand value in today’s fast-paced business landscape. Leading this charge is the esteemed Salesforce Service Cloud, a customer relationship management (CRM) platform built on the SaaS model, establishing itself as the most trusted customer service platform.

This powerhouse platform unifies service data and systems, presenting a user-friendly interface accessible from anywhere. Now, let’s delve into the intricate features that make Salesforce Service Cloud the unparalleled choice for companies aiming to revolutionize their customer support. And if you’re looking for a Salesforce implementation partner to guide you through this transformation, you’re in the right place.

Lightning Console

The lightning console unifies agent experiences and makes all information available to agents for faster service in one place. From the customer profile to SME, your agents can answer customer questions every time. With the actions and recommendations component, agents can anticipate your customer needs and deliver world-class customer service. The dynamic, responsive design of the console puts the most frequently used actions in the right place, making it easier for agents. As customers reach out through different channels, all cases come into the agent console. This way, customers don’t have to repeat themselves, and agents can anticipate their needs.

Self-service portals and communities

Scale your support by providing customers with self-service options. Resolve simple issues with access to guided processes and find answers to frequently asked questions. Then customers can start conversations with intelligent chatbots that can answer their questions and hand them on to an agent or even take actions like making account updates to resolve issues immediately. This frees up your agents to focus on more complex issues like billing, with each case pushed directly to the right agent using AI and your routing rules from any channel.

Agent workplace

Customer 360 unifies data across departments and integrated systems, providing a complete customer view of everything. Quick access to knowledge article keep agents up to date while built-in AI recommends the right article or next best action to either help the agent or share with the customer. Agents also have access to automation tools like macros or step-by-step processes, like issuing a refund, to resolve problems faster. Meanwhile, supervisors can coach their teams from anywhere with real-time conversation monitoring and actionable analytics.

Omni-channel routing

Administrators can now configure Service Cloud to distribute work based on employee skill set and availability. Without agents having to pick work from a queue, omnichannel routing intelligently routes work based on work priorities. Employees receive work in real-time, and the screen pops directly into the Service Console, where they can view in-context details of the customer across all channels. This ensures that employees prioritise correctly with the ability to define the relative priority and size of the work.

Telephony Integration

CTI, also known as computer-telephony integration, lowers your agent’s average handle time by showing customer details or the caller’s account. So the agent already knows who’s calling before they even say a word. This turns every call into a more productive one where the agent focuses on resolving the customer’s issue. Agents can make calls, hold or transfer calls, all without leaving the Service console. It’s all inside a single workspace with cloud telephony natively integrated. So agents can deliver trusted support from home or the office.

Social Customer Service

Social media is one of the mediums that customers use to ask for support. Create and manage support cases by monitoring posts by customers on Social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. As social media users grow, attending to their issues through this medium makes more sense. Use keywords, classifiers, and language detection to ensure that agents get actionable posts to work on. Also, agents can switch the conversation to the best channel for the customer at any time. Since social customer service is an integrated part of Salesforce Customer 360, your team has a comprehensive picture of the customer before responding.

Closing thoughts

Salesforce Service Cloud enables your agents to stay connected with your customers. It empowers them with the correct data and tools to grow their customer base and loyalty. With the power of a 360-degree customer view from the easy-to-use Lightning Console, agents can close cases faster and keep customers happy. To know more about Service Cloud and its benefits, contact our Agiratech executive.

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