RPA- Accelerator Development

RPA’s seamless AI based modules will help transform your business processes and stand ahead in the market
Accelerator development in RPA involves building a library of reusable automation components that can be quickly deployed to automate business processes. These accelerators are pre-built and pre-tested automation solutions that can be customized and configured to meet specific business requirements

How it Works

Identifying automation opportunities

This involves identifying business processes that can be automated using RPA and selecting the most promising candidates for accelerator development

Customizing and configuring accelerators

This involves customizing and configuring the pre-built automation components to meet specific business requirements

Developing and testing accelerators

This involves developing pre-built and pre-tested automation components that can be customized and configured to meet specific business requirements

Deploying accelerators

This involves deploying the accelerators to automate the identified business processes with no additional development to the pre- configured modules


Maximize your ROI

By using automated procedures that can serve your consumers wherever, at any time, you may significantly enhance your presence as well increase ROI

Lower costs

By leveraging pre-built automation components, businesses can reduce the cost of RPA development and deployment

Better accuracy

Accelerators are pre-built and pre-tested, ensuring a higher level of accuracy and reducing the risk of errors

Increase customer satisfaction

Accelerators enable businesses to automate processes faster, reducing the time and effort required to develop and deploy automation solutions and provide better customer experiences

Why Agira?

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