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How Salesforce Sales Cloud empowers Sales?

  • By Agira Technologies
  • September 1, 2022

Today’s business world revolves around customer service. According to a Salesforce State of Service report, 85% of executives identify customer service as a critical competitive differentiator. 52% of consumers have reportedly switched brands due to poor service. Poor customer service costs US businesses $75 billion to $1.6 trillion annually. Data never lies. There is no denying that business success depends on customer satisfaction and the company’s ability to identify the customer’s needs even before they know what they want. To do this, you need to know your customer like no other. Salesforce’s cloud-based application, Sales Cloud, helps you with this.

Technology has advanced and paved the way for new opportunities but has increased customer expectations. Business partners of B2B organizations expect the same attention and personalization they witness in the B2C domain. Thanks to Salesforce Sales Cloud, you can empower your sales team to turn your customers from leads to loyal customers. Let’s look at Sales cloud features, benefits, and best practices.

Features it offers

Growing businesses face myriad challenges. Sales Cloud helps professionals tackle these challenges by equipping them with the right tools.

Account and contact management

The account and contacts management feature helps you access your customer’s communication history, critical information, and potential contacts. This feature gives insights on how to engage with each of your customers. It helps uncover valuable information about your customer’s issues that enables you to provide answers proactively.

Opportunity management

This feature helps you focus on what’s essential for your company’s growth. Knowing your competitor and the next move you need to make gives you an edge in closing deals. It tracks all associated activities as they happen and receive updates when action is necessary.

Lead management

Following the right lead at the right time is what makes conversions happen. It lets you track relevant information about your leads and your marketing campaigns. This feature assists you in making informed decisions and assigning the right account managers to the leads at the right time.

Reports and dashboards

Creating reports and dashboards is no fun when you don’t have all the required data in one place. Sales Clouds reports and dashboard feature makes creating and designing sales forecasting reports easy. You drag and drop groups, filters, charts, fields, and categories you want to include and get a real-time report view. You can also monitor your team’s performance through various sales activity tools that expedite your decision-making process.

Pipeline and forecast management

This feature gives a real-time view of the health of your business. Using predictive AI, you gain data insights and drive predictable revenue with a comprehensive sales forecast. With real-time changes in customer data, you can turn the 1-on-1 status updates into coaching sessions on deals to focus on. It also helps keep your projections flexible to changing sales processes by creating forecasts based on KPIs that match your unique business model.

Process automation

Sales Clouds automation provides a simple point-to-click interface for automating processes. It lets you create custom workflows that automatically assign tasks to the right reps as deals move through different stages. Create workflows that recommend the next steps on a deal and guide sales rep through conversations. You could also augment or replace complex manual tasks like custom proposals with custom workflows.

Data management

AI backs the data management feature from Sales Cloud that helps you identify potential customers. Not only does it help you understand businesses’ changing needs, but it also identifies growth opportunities. This data gains more investors when shared with the right stakeholders. Another reason to choose Sales Cloud.


Now that we have looked at the list of features Sales Cloud offers let us look at how these features help your business.

Go Mobile

Almost all organizations are looking to mobilise their services. Salesforce turns your mobile device into a portable sales office. You can log calls, follow up on leads and work opportunities, or check dashboards on the go. With mySalesforce, you can customize the experience to your brand.

Boost productivity with AI

Boost your productivity with this AI-enabled automation. Einstein AI for Salesforce Sales Cloud helps you identify potential leads and prioritize them. This information empowers your team to close and convert the leads quickly and increase company revenue with minimal effort.

Increase Lead generation and conversion rate

Identifying leads and conversions is every company’s top priority. Like every relationship, it takes time and commitment to build trust. Sales Cloud helps you accomplish this goal. The lead management feature allows you to track your leads closely while overseeing your marketing campaigns across channels. Therefore, you can provide the correct data to your sales team and have a faster conversion rate.

Grow predictable revenue

Sales Cloud’s forecast management feature helps make accurate sales forecasts. It provides a comprehensive view of your team’s forecasts and delivers multi-currency support to give you a competitive edge in whichever region your business operates.

Closing thoughts

Choosing Sales Cloud for your business is one of the best decisions you can make. This CRM platform tracks your sales activities and helps you increase your sales team’s productivity. It gives business owners the right tools to increase revenue and take their business to new heights. To know more about Salesforce Sales Cloud, contact our Agiratech executive.












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