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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Progressive Web App Right Now?

  • By Agira Technologies
  • September 30, 2019

Progressive Web Apps is claimed as the future of Web development. PWAs went beyond internet connectivity. Thousands of app developers and enterprises use progressive web apps to create a seamless user experience to make mobile apps load faster and work more efficient. 
Progressive Web Apps were introduced in 2015. It has gained an overwhelming impact on web development since its launch. The progressive web app is a modern web application technique to deliver a native app-like user experience.      
PWAs possibly work flawlessly in all possible scenarios. Progressive web apps broke the pain points of native and responsive apps. Accelerating mobile pages were in a rush to solve the low connection problems. Progressive apps were the ultimate solution and was widely embraced regardless of the platforms.  
Quartz report says, “Only about one-third of smartphone owners download any apps in an average month, with the bulk of those downloading one to three apps.”  53% of the sites are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

PWA why your business needs it now
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Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why your business needs a progressive web app right now!

Reduces Friction for Users

The top reason that you need a Progressive web app for your business is that your customer will not find any trouble in reaching your website app. For native apps, the user has to download your app from the Appstore, get approved before they start using it. But for the Progressive web app, all your users need to browse for the website and get your business launched without doing anything. It decreases the friction for users by less data usage. The user doesn’t have to delete the app when they are running out of memory space or worry about extra data to download your business app. 

Flexible like Native Apps

Accessing progressive web apps is just like a native app experience for users. Progressive apps can imitate any actions of the native apps. Like native apps, it can handle online ordering, customer information management, push notifications and also other loyalty programs. The user can add a shortcut to their home screen enabling for instant use of the progressive web app of your business.    

Increases User Engagement

Progressive apps are accessible accross various platforms. In the past two years, it has gained popularity more than native apps. The users spend more time in the app that has led to high conversion rates and also time spent per session has also increased twice the duration of average. The spent per session increased an average of 74% across all browsers. The acquisition cost for the users is cheaper for progressive web apps compared to native apps.  

Incredible App Speed

Progressive web apps are highly reliable and efficient, especially when it comes to speed. Service workers and JavaScript run from the main thread, enabling the PWAs to load the app immediately even on feeble internet connection. The capability of caching information in both the app and the browser allows the PWA to load faster. It offers vibrant animation, smooth scrolling, easy navigations by allowing the user to perceive it as a native app.    

Faster on Adjustments

Another main advantage is that you don’t have contact with the Appstore to make changes or to add new features to your business app. Unlike the native, you have informed the updates on bugs and errors of your app. The updates and adjustments might take weeks to deploy and much time-consuming. While in PWAs you can fix bug/error issues and make adjustments on the go and without having to worry about maintaining two different codes for Android and Apple devices.  

Offline Content Access

Totally a mind-blowing feature of the progressive web apps is that you can use it offline. Service workers in the background and Fetch APIs, caching information allows the content to display, even when the website is not accessed. This helps the app to work offline, sends push notification.  In native apps, the user has to download and pay off purchases to use your app, but progressive web apps users enjoy freedom from registering in the app stores to get your app.  

More Secure

Security problems have been strike a raw nerve in the web world. For this reason, web developers and designers shifted to HTTPS websites. HTTPS websites offer a guarantee to the customers that their personal information is well secured. HTTP was inadequate in guarding the user information against the harmful sources. With the use of Fetch APIs and Cache features, web app developers create apps that are faster and take less time to load the content. These features used by web developers allow users to use business apps offline without an internet connection. 
Progressive web apps are a significant trend in technology. We are witnessing a massive rise in the development of mobile apps from the past few years. From all the above features (reasons)you would have known that PWAs are a breakthrough for developers across the globe. So, don’t be late, this is the right time to take your business app forward with the help of progressive web apps.
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