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Top 10 Angular Interview Questions and Answers

  • By Agira Technologies
  • September 30, 2019

Are you a budding angular developer preparing for an interview? Or a recruiter who is wondering what are the basic questions to ask while hiring an angular developer ?. We have got covered for both of you. Here are the top 10 angular interview questions along with their answers.
The following questions are frequently asked questions when hiring an angular developer to test the basic angular knowledge of the candidate. The questions mentioned here are answered to help you understand the core concepts of Angular development. Here is the list of top angular interview questions from the angular experts themselves.

1. Explain data binding in Angular and what are its forms?

Data binding is a method to define the communication between a component and DOM. This makes it easy to define interactive applications without the need of pulling or pushing data. The data binding in Angular allows you to treat the model as a single source. So, whenever any changes occur in a model that will be directly projected in view. There are four forms of data binding depending upon the way of the data flow.

  • String Interpolation
  • Property Binding
  • Event binding
  • Two-way data binding

2. What are directives?

Directives are the ideal attributes which are responsible for transforming DOM behaviour while rendering a template. The directives allow you to define the behaviour of the elements in DOM, or simply to define what should happen when a mouse hover or a click. Basically, built-in directives start with ng-prefix. Some of the built-in directives has ngIf, and ngFor. You can also write your own directive to fit your needs.

Components vs Directives in Angular

3. What is the latest version of Angular and how it is different from Angular Js?

The latest version on September, 2019 is Angular 8. But Angular 9 is about to be released on October 2019. Angular Js is the first version which is also known as Angular 1.0. One should say that Angular 8 is the complete rewrite of the first version with great features. It came with next-generation Angular Framework, Iv that supports shipment of pre-compiled code, compilation without the need of Metadata.json, Metaprogramming. Some of the other cool features are Differential Modern JavaScript Loading, Angular Router Backward Compatibility, Enhanced Web Worker Bundling, Opt-in Usage Sharing, Dependency Updates. The blog on Angular 7 features might help you understand better.

Angular 8 Release: What’s New In Angular 8?

4. What is Do Bootstrap (ng Do Bootstrap) In Angular?

Do Bootstrap is a new life-cycle hook for manual bootstrapping of the application instead of using bootstrap array in @NgModule annotation.

Bootstrap Modal Window In Angular Using Typescript

5. What are the key components of Angular?

The key components of Angular are Components, Modules, templates, services and metadata.
Components are basic building blocks that control HTML views. Modules are the set of these building blocks like components, directives and many others. Simply put, each logical piece of code is a module. Templates represent the views of the angular application. With Metadata, you can add more data to Angular class.

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6. What is Deep Linking in Angular?

Deep linking is a method of making the user to land on a specific page without taking them to the home page. One can easily index their pages in search engines with the help of deep linking in Angular.

7. Explain ng-content, ng-container and ng- template?

The <ng-template> is a template element that Angular uses with structural directives (*ngIf, *ngFor, [ngSwitch] and custom directives).
The <ng-container> is a grouping element. As Angular doesn’t put it in DOM, it does not interfere with styles or layout.
The <ng-content> is used to create configurable components. It can create components that can be configured depending on the needs of its user. Components that are used in published libraries make use of <ng-content> to make themselves configurable.

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8. What is Lazy Loading?

Lazy loading is a method used to load JavaScript components asynchronously when a specific route is activated. This does a great work in boosting the performance during initial load especially when you have complex routing with multiple components. The Lazy loading modules in the latest versions of Angular allows application to load modules only when they are needed. It has many benefits from enhancing the performance and size of the application.

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9. What are advanced Angular CLI commands?

Some of the best Angular CLI commands that enhances developers’ productivity are

  1. ng-new – Generate new angular projects
  2. ng-generate – Generate components using the Angular CLI
  3. ng-serve – Run your app with just this command
  4. ng-eject – Pull the ripcord

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10. Explain the difference between an Annotation and a Decorator in Angular?

Annotations in Angular are meant to create annotation array. While decorators are design patterns and functions that receive the decorated object. This decorator can also make any changes to the received decorated object without changing the original source code. Moreover, annotations are the only metadata set of the class using the Reflect Metadata library.
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