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Top 6 React Native Debugging Tools for Effortless Development

Top 6 React Native Debugging Tools for Effortless Development

React Native is one of the most popular mobile development framework(code library) known for its efficient tools, high performance and easy scalability. A javascript developer can effortlessly build seamless us...

react vs react native

React JS Vs React Native – The Ultimate Comparison

React Js is one of the javascript libraries that can compete with a complete framework like Angular. Both React and React Native are the new technologies that were developed by Facebook. React Js is for web dev...

Top 10 Online Resources to Learn Go Programming

Golang aka Go is the fastest-growing programming language. Though the language has easy to learn syntax, finding the right resources for learning can be tricky if your new to the programming world.  Now, let’s ...

DevOps Blogs

Top 10 DevOps Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2020

DevOps have taken over the IT world. The software development process has drastically changed over the last 7 years. All the companies in the industry are in harmony with continuous deployment. DevOps has signi...

tech news

Weekly Roundup: Node.js Security, Laravel 6.12 Releases, Latest Tech news & Updates

For the love of programming and technologies, we are sharing something new and exciting every week. Today, on doing the same, we have some release notes and news updates for this week of January 2020. Agira&#82...

How to build a video streaming App like Netflix

How to Build a Video Streaming Application like Netflix

Most of us today prefer spending our weekends by watching Netflix all day. It has brought “Netflix and chill”, “Binge-watching” and much more in our day-to-day slang. Now, you can understand the impact of this ...

nodejs vs golang

Node.js vs Golang Comparison – Which is Best choice for development?

For Web development, there is an array of advanced technologies.  But, which technology to use to make the development successful? Every development process starts with this particular turmoil. The most vital ...

Type Inference in TypeScript and Its Best Practices

Type Inference in TypeScript and Its Best Practices

Typescript is one of the rapidly growing languages, it is a superset of Javascript which gives us the power of strict typing for Javascript. It helps a developer to easily identify issues that can otherwise onl...

Kubernetes vs Docker- A Detailed Comparison (1)

Kubernetes vs Docker – A Detailed Comparison with Infographics

Kubernetes and Docker are the hot debate that has taken container orchestration tools by storm.  They have been discussed widely in cloud computing networks as well. If you haven’t tried any one of them, ...

Best UX Practices for Every eCommerce Site

Best UX Practices for Every eCommerce Site

When it comes to E-commerce, the majority of the crowd focuses on the SEO or the SERP ranking of their sites. And only a few put more effort on the user experience. Certainly, if SEO helps in bringing in new vi...