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Mobile app development trends: 9 mobile app development trends your competitors pray you never discover!

  • By Kanish S
  • February 15, 2024
Mobile app development trends
Mobile app development trends

Did you know there are around 7 billion mobile users globally, which is expected to skyrocket soon? Mobile phones have become a big part of our lives in the past decade. Businesses are diving into mobile app development, aiming for both apps and websites. No matter your industry, staying connected with your customers means finding a spot on their mobiles.

Change is the only constant in the fast-paced mobile app development world. Outdated business apps get uninstalled fast. To stay in the game, you must invest time and resources to keep up with the latest trends. 

In this blog, we’ll chat about key mobile app development trends you need to know to make your app a success in the market.

Mobile app development trends
Mobile app revenue in billion USD (2019-2023)


Guess what’s cool? Wearables! And your company should be into it. Think smartwatches, fitness trackers – those nifty gadgets. Making apps for them is a game-changer. Imagine giving users all they need right on their wrist or fingertips. Convenience level: 100!

Investing in wearable apps is like unlocking a new level of awesome. Users get hooked, and your brand becomes a daily buddy. It’s not just a trend; it’s the future of staying connected. So, gear up, dive into wearable app development, and make your mark in the tech world. Your users will thank you for the upgrade!

On-demand development apps

Guess what’s making businesses and customers best buds? On-demand apps! It’s like having a personal genie on your phone.

These apps work wonders by using your location to suggest nearby services, complete with reviews, GPS tracking, and handy push notifications. Need something ASAP? Boom! Instant access to nearby services. No more endless emails or notifications – it’s a win-win.

Who’s acing this game? Hospitality, healthcare, and even regular grocery stores. Think Uber and Airbnb – they’re making big bucks with this trend!

What perks of on-demand apps?

  • Your go-to services are right there when you need them.
  • Tracking your stuff is a breeze.
  • Share your highs and lows, and the app serves up more of what you like based on your reviews. It’s like having a personal shopper but in app form!”

Mobile wallets

So, we’ve chatted about the future of mobile commerce. The way we pay is getting a fancy upgrade, too!

Here’s the scoop: Mobile wallets aren’t just a trend; they’re becoming a way of life. Smartphone users are slowly falling for the idea, and guess what’s even cooler? 

Now, why should app developers care? It’s simple – the ‘mobile pay’ era is upon us. Every app handling transactions needs to jump on the mobile wallet bandwagon. Surprisingly, not all apps are on board yet, but mark our words, it’s going to be the norm real soon.

AI-integrated chatbots

Let’s keep it simple – AI-integrated chatbots are the real deal! These are not your typical chatbots; they’re the smart ones using artificial intelligence to make things awesome. These bots mix tech and conversation to give you a personalized and super-smooth user experience. Whether they’re answering questions, helping with tasks, or just having a chat, these AI-powered chatbots are on another level. In 2024, having one in your app isn’t just a trend; it’s a smart move to connect with users in a friendly way. Get ready to upgrade your app with the power of smart chat!

Cloud technology

Even though cloud technology isn’t new, it hasn’t fully taken over the mobile app scene yet. But here’s the thing – keep an eye on it. Cloud computing is a big deal for mobile app development, and in 2024, it will be a game-changer.

Using cloud storage can make mobile apps work better for users. Instead of stuffing data directly into your device, apps can do their thing using cloud space. This not only makes developing apps smoother but also saves money.

Here’s a fun fact: 83% of big work is done on the cloud. If your team is making business apps or things for your work crew, keep an eye on the cloud trends in 2024. It’s where things are headed!

Mobile app development trends

Super-app model

The super-app model is shaking things up, offering users a one-stop shop for lots of stuff. Think messaging, shopping, and banking – all packed into a single, easy app. This trend simplifies things for users, so you don’t need many apps clogging up your phone. From getting a ride to ordering food, super-apps want to be your main go-to. In 2024, get ready for more super-app action, promising to make life easier on your phone. 


Remember Pokemon Go? That game was everywhere, making augmented reality (AR) famous. AR puts fake stuff on real things, making it look cool. There’s also virtual reality (VR) – it’s like a whole made-up world.

But guess what? AR and VR aren’t just for games. They’re great for training and learning apps, too. Imagine feeling like you’re doing the job – that’s what these techs can do for education.

And it’s not just there. AR and VR are also shaking things up in interior design and marketing. You can use an app to see how stuff will look in a space or get a better idea of its size and shape. It’s not just for games; it’s making a difference in many things!

Beacon technology

Beacon technology uses Bluetooth on your phone to determine if you’re close to a store, hotel, or museum. These places have beacons sending signals to open their app on your phone.

Once the app opens, it can do lots of things. You can shop, order room service using it, or even get details about stuff in a museum. Beacon apps might change how shops work.

This is cool because it makes customers happy – they get personalized service from their phones. No need to wait for someone to help; you can use the app with beacon tech. Stores can also use it for cashless and no-line checkouts. It’s like having a helpful buddy in your pocket!


In conclusion, the future of mobile app development is an exciting frontier, with trends like super-apps, mobile wallets, AR, VR, and beacon technology transforming user experiences. Utilizing these advancements ensures staying relevant and opens doors to unparalleled convenience and innovation. As we navigate 2024, it’s clear that the key to success lies in adapting and integrating these trends into our app development strategies for a brighter and more engaging future.