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Why You Need An Minimum Viable Product (MVP) For Your Business?

  • By Agira Technologies
  • September 26, 2019

Getting new business ideas and plans can be exciting! It is essential to validate your ideas before you get started with the real product. What you will do to reach it to the target audience? This where you need a Minimum Viable product MVP! A vital factor to consider for developing an app for your Business.
Go-Globe statistic confirms that 74% of high growth internet startups fail because of premature scaling, at the same time the startups that scale properly grow about 20 times faster. 
It may seem like the apps on the internet rush to be famous. Sometimes, it’s difficult to imagine an app that is successful because of gradual growth. But, have you thought about what really works or what doesn’t? Is your product really fit for the market? 
More such tangled questions may arise. Don’t be frightened, You are not alone. If you are a startup entrepreneur, you should definitely take time to think or rethink about the Minimum Viable Product of your business. 
Certainly, learning the complexity of the app that applies to your audience is as important as building an app itself. Stop taking risks, save your time and resources better than ever. 
If you really want to have a strong presence in your marketplace and retain your audience, YOU NEED AN MVP! It will take your business steady with a solid performance throughout the years. You then, just have to enjoy the success ride!    
Let’s explore what is MVP and How does MVP create value for your business.

What is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

A minimum viable product(MVP) is a development technique in which a new product or website is developed with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters. The final, complete set of features is only designed and developed after considering feedback from the product’s initial users.

An MVP has three main characteristics,

  1. Attracts enough value from the audience willing to buy the product
  2. It shows enough future benefits to retain the early adopters
  3. Provides a feedback loop to guide future developments

It is essential to take a closer look at each of the words because all three (Minumum | Viable | Product) is equally important and needs a consecutive attention throughout. 

what is a minimum viable product

Why exactly you need an MVP?

Numerous brands you already know, such as Uber, Unsplash, Airbnb, Instagram, Dropbox, and much more popular company started as an MVP and gradually expanded and evolving as what they are now. An MVP can be significantly utilized to understand the market conditions and test your ideas before you develop your final product. Minimum Viable Product: why you need for businessNow, Let’s assume you have an idea of develope a product, MVP cannot be created the right away for the final product. It definitely takes time to understand your audience and know the features your audience can use. 
You should satisfy the essentials necessities of your consumers without letting them go for another similar project. Instead, you develop a product, test it with a set of audiences. Check on what is lacking and simultaneously make improvements to the product. 
Keep measuring, building and learning until you build a final product for which your customers can use your products collectively. Here are key benefits of having a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)  

  • Reduces implementation costs and time
  • You can obtain realistic improvement ideas
  • Prevents capital losses (Business Failure) 
  • Gain loyalty among your customers and retain 
  • Helps to evaluate your product functions (What works/What is not working)
  • Evaluate the demand for your product
  • Useful in Gathering feedback and analytics for future improvements
  • Test your overall performance  

6 Reasons to Build an MVP for startups

Check out our top 6 reasons to build an MVP for your startups. Learning these below reasons will help in taking your business towards the success ladder. 

1. Minimize Development Costs

If your business idea is complicated it needs more investment. For every unique and additional feature or design, you will pay more and more depending on the time the app development consumes. If you build an MVP, you can experiment with the simplest form of product, for that you will need only a minimum of resources.
Evaluate the product and make your decision. Estimating the cost to develop an MVP won’t cost much of your budget. However, you’ll end up saving a good amount from your capital. You can use the saved resources to try out building a new significant product or invest in another business idea.

2. Attract Investors

A creative idea is considered the heartbeat of every startup. Being unique and doing what your audience love can automatically attract investors especially if you are lucky, or otherwise, you should think about investors who will be ready to invest money in your idea.
An MVP can turn your ideas into promising and profitable for the investors for increasing the chances of success.     

3. Test your Project

Building apps is just more than coding. There are a lot of small to big details to be taken into account in developing a new product. Every effort you put should attract a new audience and be profitable for creators. But does your idea have a good future?
With MVP you can test it with the set of audiences to analyze, what they might expect from your business idea. Think about the users who might not be interested in your app. How will you attract them? An MVP can help you stand out among your competitors and attract a wide range of audiences to your app. If you get it right.  

4. Retain your Consumers

A minimum viable product can help you in understanding your early adopter. This specific set of the audience is powerful because they are there from the start. By engaging with your product, they attract the potential new audience to your app through recommendations. This actually shapes and directs the development of your startup. 

5. Feedback 

Getting feedback is the most crucial part of developing an app. MVP allows you to know the clear opinion and suggestions on developing an app. You get to know what features your audience might find more useful and expected in the real market place. Collect the data directly from users and make your app more profitable.  

6. Time-saving

Imagine, working all day and night for months. But no profit, nothing good happens. Isn’t this your worst nightmare? Instead, try spending some quality time to build an MVP. With an MVP you get understand your audience and you’ll know how you can engage them through your app. And make it a highly demanding and more suitable app for your audience.

Summing up!

Don’t waste your efforts! Building an MVP Minimum Viable Product for your startup is going to save you a lot of time, and your hard-earned money. It helps you plan your business more wisely and know the real requests of your customers. 
Why not choose the easiest way to build a successful app? It reduces the risk of failure and there is a better chance of attracting investors. 
Agira builds apps that users love! Want to make your startup vision come true? Reach our expertise or if you want to Hire a dedicated developer. We are just a call away. 
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