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Weekly Roundup: Django Bugfix, Vue 3 Releases, Latest Tech News & Updates

Find all the tech news updates we’ve bought you this week in 2020! If you are a Python developer, there is special news for you! Here are the top releases happened this week in the development technologie...

Web Scraping with Python

Beginner’s Guide To Web Scraping Using Python

Looking for the easiest ways to extract data from the website? Web Scraping is the ideal solution for extracting data from the web. Indeed, another finest way to extract data from websites is API. However, web ...

python vs javascript

Python vs JavaScript: Will Python Overtake JavaScript ?

Differences Between Python vs JavaScript Python and JavaScript are extremely popular languages used today. The field of software development has been going through continuous adoption of changes and innovation....

Python vs Ruby

Python vs Ruby. Which is Better for Businesses?

Python vs Ruby. When you are choosing a technology stack for your business, it is important to compare the top two tools or languages. When it comes to Python web development vs Ruby web development, it is very...

How to debug your Python app in docker

How To Debug Your Python Flask App In Docker Container

Debugging Python applications in the Docker containers.  In this blog, we kick start with pdb, Flask, Gunicorn, to dissect the process of debugging. Docker is a container packaging system that uses virtualizati...

Python for data sciences

Why is Python Best for Data Sciences ?

Python for data sciences is well known as an on-demand course nowadays due to it’s increased use and effectiveness. As you can see the growing trend of Python in google trends, in 2019, Python software developm...

python range() Function

Python range() Function Explained With Examples

Python range() is one of the built-in function which is used for performing operations with a sequence of numbers. In this tutorial, we will take a look into range() function with simple examples and also some ...

Top Python Uses and Application in Real World

Python – Top Real World Applications and Use Cases

Python is one of the top high-level programming languages that has been in the tech industry for a long period. Most developers call Python as a programming language that never dies. One of the main reasons for...

How to Use Python lambda Functions

How To Use Python Lambda Functions With Examples

Python Lambda is an anonymous function. It is a function that can take any number of arguments but can have only one expression. It is nameless and ‘def’ (keyword) is used for normal Python function...

Python for Loops (Definite Iteration)

Python “for” Loops (Definite Iteration) Tutorial

What is Python for loops? Python For loop, as the name indicates, it is a looping statement that is popularly used by Python developers in all the programming languages. It is also referred to as a definite ite...