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Weekly Roundup: Django Bugfix, Vue 3 Releases, Latest Tech News & Updates

  • By Agira Technologies
  • January 10, 2020

Find all the tech news updates we’ve bought you this week in 2020! If you are a Python developer, there is special news for you! Here are the top releases happened this week in the development technologies. This post contains tech news, good looking perspectives in the developer community and tutorials.
Take a look at the roundup of all the things you need to know this week of January.


Python in Visual Studio Code

Microsoft has announced the availability of Python extension of Visual Studio Code on January 7, 2020. You can directly download the python extension, for the latest update, you can restart Visual Studio Code. Apart from the extension, it has also addressed 59 issues. Including,

  • Kernel selection in Jupyter Notebooks
  • Performance improvements in the Jupyter Notebook editor
  • Auto-activation of environments in the terminal on load
  • Fixes to rebuilding ctages on save and on start.

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Django Bugfix Release – 3.0.2

Django has released a bugfix on January 2, 2020. The release package and checksums are available at the Django downloads page as well as in the Python Package Index.
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Vue 3 Launch date – Q1 2020

Even though the official date of release is not yet announced. It is anticipated that the official release will be in the 1st quarter of this year. The new version is currently open-sourced in a pre-alpha stage. Evan You has summarized the new features as faster, smaller, more maintainable and easier to target native. Here is the Vue 3 roadmap.

Vue 3 Roadmap
Source: GitHub

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Deep Learning vs. Machine Learning: Understand the Differences

Deep learning vs machine learning
Discover the different patterns in data by understanding the difference between the two forms of artificial intelligence. This blog by Martin Heller will give you a clear explanation of the working models of deep learning as well as machine learning. It discusses more on the classification of algorithms and data cleaning.

Know About Crucial Web Developer Skills & Technologies for 2020

Developers skills 2020
The scope of mobile development is progressive in nature. The author explains the skills a developer needs to develop or upgrade in 2020 focus on mobile application development. It comes with an interesting list of languages to learn and know for better improvements in career. This is a total guide for beginners in programming as well as students.


Angular React forms – The basics

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