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Python vs JavaScript: Will Python Overtake JavaScript ?

  • By Agira Technologies
  • December 30, 2019

Differences Between Python vs JavaScript
Python and JavaScript are extremely popular languages used today. The field of software development has been going through continuous adoption of changes and innovation.
A high-level programming language should keep upgrading to cope up with the new trends in the technology world. There is no doubt both Python and JavaScript have taken a supreme position among other programming languages. These languages are the favorite choices of beginners in software development.
Python is the fastest-growing programming language with a large and active community. Javascript is currently the most used programing language. The below Google Trends charts demonstrates the growth of Python and JavaScript over the past five years. Python shows a remarkable growth in the search interest comparing the past years.

Here were are going to compare Python and Javascript to find out which language has a scope of prevailing the future over the other.

What is Python?

Python is a multi-paradigm, interpreted, high-level programming language. It supports object-oriented programming, procedural, functional and imperative programming. It comes to a wide range of inbuilt modules and packages. Python also serves as a scripting language for developing web applications that are easy to read and implement.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript (JS) is an object-oriented programming language used to create dynamic web pages. It supports functional and imperative programming paradigms. JS offers support for building standard wen application with date, text and regular. Initially, it was used in front end development but now it is used for full-stack development.
Now, will discuss the differences and similarities of Python vs JavaScript.

A Quick Comparison of Python vs JavaScript

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Python vs Javascript: 5 Head-on Parameters

1. Performance

Comparing the performance between both languages is not easy. As there are multiple factors to consider. Here we will just have a look into backend development. In this case, Javascript is significantly faster as it is based on Chrome V8, more productive and NodeJs offers the fastest server-side solutions.
On the other side, Python has a better market presence because of its speed and efficiency. It can be used on larger projects and a great option for real-time applications. However, nodeJs scores well over Python.

2. Scalability

A developer makes his choice of language considering the scalability it offers. A language should be effective in handling heavy traffic by using minimum server utilization and server-side resource optimization. Python is not supported with asynchronous programming, but NodeJs has its default.
Python achieves this process through the support of coroutines. It has also had the necessary tools to attain the required scalability. Javascript also offers speed and can scale very well. However, scalability depends upon the programmer’s skills and his code optimization.

3. Scope

Python will be the first learning programming language for the most beginners, It is easy to learn and used in various AI, ML developments. Javascript being a full-stack language is ideal for building websites and native apps. The demand for both languages is accelerating day by day.

4. Ease of use

Python is beginner-friendly, it is specially designed for easy adoption and quick learning. Whereas, Javascript is the most complex programming language. Python has an easy programming approach, it uses simple variables and functions without engaging the class definitions. In comparing the complexity of use and design, Python web development is better than JavaScript.

5. Versatility

Python is most suitable for web development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Data analytics, Enterprise resource planning development. It is the most preferred language for data science and numerical handling. On the other hand, JavaScript is predominately used for Web and ERP development.
JavaScript is quite new to the future market of AI and machine learning. It is efficiently used both as both front end and backend language. In concern of mobile development, JavaScript wins over Python. Python is majorly used as backend language which runs mostly on the server-side. Python and JavaScript are strong players in the development community they come head to head in terms of its versatility.

Will Python overtake JavaScript?

As we discussed before, JavaScript is currently the most popular programming language, according to our research and readings. Python might soon take the lead by 2020 and go beyond. Python has shown an impeccable growth in Popularity. According to the new AI, ML trends, the usage of Python is on rise.
If you are asking us which one to choose, it is entirely subjective to your project requirements and your programming skills. Feel free to share your suggestion and clarify your doubts through the comments. We will get back to you.
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