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8 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Developing a Mobile App for Your Business

  • By Agira Technologies
  • December 31, 2019

The mobile app market is growing rapidly with more than 2.5 billion smartphone users. It has become an advanced tool to increase sales. It is utilized to reach a whole new audience for your products or services. But building a successful app is not an easy task. As there is a huge competition in the market, there are a lot of factors to consider to earn benefits for the business app.
Many business entrepreneurs tend to make some common mistakes that will directly affect the end result. Most of the businesses are still unaware of the reasons that are breaking the app and losing their place in the market.
If you want your app to be popular and competitive, here are mistakes you should fix and consider when developing a mobile app for business.

1. Not considering an MVP model

If you are in the initial stage of your business, you should have an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) model for your app. It is a huge mistake to opt for a featured app without a test run. Before developing an app, you need to evaluate the need for it.
Once you evaluate the needs of your user, you can develop a low-cost app with minimum features and launch in the market for a test run. If your ideas work well, you can start working on upgrading your app which gets more user attention, new features, and gradually updates. By practicing an MVP model for first mobile app development, you limit the risk of failure and the loss also remains low.

2. Not doing sufficient market research

Are you doing the necessary market research? What is the main purpose and who is your target audience? Are the keys questions that help you define all other processes, the Finest research specific to your app will result in the success of your idea and will be a great help in decision making. But most of the apps directly jump to conclusions without having the necessary questions asked and answered.
Every app development process is different. For instance, If you want to build a money-making app, you should think about the monetization strategies, analyze your competitors and find a factor that differentiates you from the other apps existing in the market. By doing sufficient research, you can ensure that your app product fits into the market and discover new possibilities.

3. Estimating a non-realistic budget for development

It is one of the common mistakes made in mobile app development. The development process is no easy task. You should consider charges paid for the developers, designers and marketing activities. The cheapest way might affect the end result. It is better to go for the best development companies that offer app services at a reasonable price.
You should also keep in mind the budget need for the maintenance of the app. If you want an app for new and changing technology with attractive and diverse features, It can be time-consuming as well as expensive.

4. Too many complex and Unnecessary features

Adding all the possible functionalities to your app can be problematic. More features can make your user confused and messy to use. Add features that will add value to your app and only which your target audience actually needs. Craft a functionality that can easily be accessed with an attractive interface instead of overloading the app with unnecessary features.
Make sure your app fulfills the main purpose and demands of your user. You can slowly update new features according to the trends and necessities. Avoiding complex features can reduce the duration of development.

5. Ignoring cross-platform app development

Is your app only on the Single page platform? Then you are already losing the other half of your target audience. Most of the newly emerging apps are not considering cross-platform development. But, to reach your maximum audience you need to make a smart decision of developing in both the mobile platforms, Android and iOS.
If your app is diverse, you can easily reach a vast audience. The market research will help you decide whether to go for a Hybrid or Native app. Make sure your app is available in both the primary mobile platform.

6. Overlooking the connectivity issues

Having internet connectivity issues in your app might indirectly affect your user engagement. This might be an important thing you should focus on to retain your existing users and attract new users. There is a possibility of inconsistent data connection in various places. Make sure your app works consistently and has the capability of handling such issues. Even though the connection is weak or passing by, your app should be able to work efficiently with lesser loading time.

7. Failing to focus on Speed optimization

This is a sensitive mistake, that can actually break your mobile app. Today mobile users are becoming impatient at some times. They don’t want to wait longer until the app loads the content. If the response rate of the app is low and the loading time is high, the user might lose interest in your app. Verify with your developer about the speed optimization in your app to give your target audience a better user experience. Keep in mind that faster is better.

8. Not having a marketing plan

How are you going to reach your target audience? It is a question you should ask before you start the development process, not after launching the product in the market. Many of us focus more on the development process and invest our efforts. Make some time to plan your marketing strategies for your app.
In the growing competition, you need to follow some of the marketing tactics to create awareness of your app among your target audience. This helps you in taking your app to all the possible audience. Do some research, optimize your page, advertise, and use influencers to promote your app.


If you want to increase the acceptability of your app in the market, you should consider all these 8 factors which many business owners fail to notice. Make improvements in your app step by step, sufficient budget for development and maintenance, test your app, get feedback to do the evaluation and have a perfect marketing strategy to promote it. Eventually, you will fix the errors and make changes according to the needs of the user. It is better to be smart and avoid mistakes as much as possible, you will be able to reach success much faster.
If you have any queries you can reach a mobile development company that is ready with the hands-on skills to help you in your app development project.

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