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Python vs Ruby. Which is Better for Businesses?

  • By Agira Technologies
  • December 17, 2019

Python vs Ruby. When you are choosing a technology stack for your business, it is important to compare the top two tools or languages. When it comes to Python web development vs Ruby web development, it is very difficult to come up with an answer as both of them are nearest competitors with very less or minute differences. So, before going into the differences between Python and Ruby. Let’s see the similarities between them.
Both Python and Ruby are

  1. High-level scripting languages.
  2. Open-source (OSI- and FSF-approved licenses)
  3. Support Cross-platform
  4. Supports OOP
  5. Available at AWS using Lambda functions
  6. Dynamically typed

Python vs Ruby

Some of the notable differences between Python and ruby are listed below. Here is the ultimate comparison between two of the best languages Ruby and Python.

The Language

Ruby is flexible
Python is stable but not that flexible like Ruby
Although both of the languages look similar to each other, there are a lot of differences that arise as you work through it. Ruby on rails gives everything like a trick to make your website look elegant in less code. But the problem is when there is a bug, it is quite difficult to resolve it.
In contrary to the above language, Python is not as flexible as ruby but it is simple for anyone to learn coding and debugging is easier. Everything is straight-forward with Python which becomes a great advantage for the developers to track down errors.

Web Frameworks

Python has Django
Ruby has Rails
Both of the frameworks are popularly known for their excellence in web development. They both comprise all the concepts like MVC and database migrations. The difference falls on how the concepts are implemented. There are plenty of libraries for Ruby and Python software development. The package index is Python’s repository while Rubygems is Ruby’s depository where you can find numerous libraries for all your requirements.


Python has a broader community with fewer updates
Ruby has a solid community with frequent updates
Although both of the languages has an exceptional community support, Python wins the competition. Due to its wide range of real-time applications, and use cases in academia, Python is most popular than any other programming languages. Ruby on rails reached its highest popularity in 2005 but it is not sufficient enough to win Python’s popularity. One of the main reasons of Python’s popularity is its diverse applications.

Top Clients

Google uses Python
Apple uses Ruby on rails
Some of the top Python using companies are Google, Youtube, Spotify, Quora, Dropbox, Yahoo Maps, Pinterest, Venmo, and many others.
On the other hand, Ruby on rails was involved in the development of companies like Airbnb, Github, Twitter, Shopify, Apple, and many others.

Code reusability

Python has Modules
Ruby has Gems
The reusable or ready-to-use codes are called Modules in Python and Gems in Ruby. One can get access to more than 1.5 lakh modules in Python using PyPI. The only difference is that you can categorize using PyPI. Installation of dependencies are easier with both the languages. Python takes advantage by isolating reusable codes for different versions. Ruby also has such a feature, but it is a little difficult to reuse code. It is better to decide by considering the amount of reusable codes involved in your development process.

Testing and Troubleshooting

Python has PyTest
Ruby has RSpec
When it comes to testing, there are mature frameworks for test-driven development approach but not yet for behavior-driven development. Pytest and unit test does its job adequately for Python and Rspec does it for Ruby. In addition to that, troubleshooting is easier with plenty of useful tools from both languages.
One cannot judge the performance of the application by only considering the programming language. The performance of the web application is dependant on many different factors such as the optimizations, libraries involved, language proficiency of the developer and many other things. Thereby, it is important to be well-informed about the language before picking it for your application development.

Python vs Ruby
Python Ruby
Introduction Introduced by Guido Van Rossum in 1991 Introduced by Yukihiro Matsumo in 1995
Code Stability Stable Breaks easily
Flexibility Straight-forward More Flexible
Web Frameworks Django Ruby on rails
Community Slow, and fewer updates Quick, frequent updates
Top clients Google, Pinterest Github, Twitter
Motive One way to achieve things right More than 1 way to achieve things
Use cases Diverse applications from web applications to data analytics Complex and High-traffic web applications
Distinctive property Easy to learn, read and use Elegant and efficient

Python for data sciencesWhy should you choose Python for web development?

When we are talking about the technology stack, it is important to differentiate Python and ruby from a developer’s perspective as well as an entrepreneur’s perspective.

From a Python developers perspective,

  1. Python is easy and diverse.
  2. It is resourceful and has strong community support.
  3. Flexible and has enhanced code reusability.
  4. It has more demand and popularity than Ruby.

Being a developer, you will have better and widespread opportunities if you choose Python over Ruby. Moreover, Python is the hands-down choice if you are new to programming and remember to start learning Python from its latest version (Python 3).

From an entrepreneurs perspective,

  1. Python is popular, and a wide range of developers are available.
  2. It is preferable for its easy learning curve, community support, and easy to acquire team skills.

Being an entrepreneur, it is better to develop a web application with Python if your application doesn’t deal anything with Ruby.
Anything that you can do with Ruby on rails, you can also do the same with Python. If you want to develop a web application, you can opt for ruby on rails. But, if you expect your web application to do more than a web application, you should choose Python that helps you with diverse opportunities to deal with. Therefore, the future is definitely for Python as you can see the growth trends and popularity of it.
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