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7 Reasons To Choose React Js in 2020

  • By Agira Technologies
  • December 18, 2019

React Js is getting more popular day by day than any other technology stack. Facebook’s React is a Javascript framework that helps you build exceptional user interfaces that are high performing. They released React as an open-source framework in 2013. Being the view layer od the MVC architecture, it is most popular for its virtual DOM.
It is then was used by companies such as Netflix, Uber, Airbnb and many more. Stackshare says that 7963 companies use React and has 140.9K GitHub stars and 26.9K GitHub forks. Approximately more than 20,000 developers follow react in stackshare. 7000+ react jobs are listed and 5000+ react Js developer resumes are available in And React can be integrated with more than 200 awesome tools. Today, more than 251,726 live websites use React and additional 1,112,734 sites used React historically as per the report given by
Jordan Walke developed this javascript library exclusively for rendering functionality. But we have got more than that reason to choose React Js for business. Here are the top 7 Reasons why you should choose React Js for business.

Easy learning curve – You can learn to React in 5 minutes

React js has a very easy learning curve that any javascript developer can easily cope with programming with React Js. As it is a lightweight javascript library and deal only with the view layer, it is simpler and effective. A beginner’s tutorial by Freecodecamp promises to give you a basic understanding of building an application with React Js in 5 minutes. Although, it is not everything that covers react application development, as you can see, react is simple and easy to understand.
When comparing with Angular and Vue, React is much easier to learn and especially in documentation. As an entrepreneur, you can build applications quickly. Many big brands rely on react Js. Its component-based approach is cooler for developers to build applications.
The react guide states that Thinking in React is different from working with other javascript libraries. It also eventually becomes easier as you gain experience using it in websites and applications.

Rich User Interface

In this digital era, your customers expect more than an HTML website from you. It is important to meet their expectations without compromising on the load time, performance and other factors. So, user interfaces play a huge role in converting a visitor into a customer.
React Js gives you everything you need to build web applications with rich user-interfaces that can promise exceptional user experiences. User-interfaces being very crucial for the success of your business, you can easily build cool UI using declarative components.
It is assured that you can deliver the user interfaces that your user will love by hiring the best React Js developers from Agira technologies.

Faster development – More money in less time

Building web applications with high-quality user interfaces in very less time with the help of React. Developers can develop web applications faster by using its reusable components and other development tools. React developer tools are readily available as a browser extension to make coding much better than ever before.
As an entrepreneur, if you are planning to build a beautiful website with seamless user experience, but running out of time, React JS is the right choice for you. On the other hand, when the developer completes a project in less time, its good for your budget too.
React Js developers from Agira technologies deliver products quickly to you. So that you can earn cash quickly and your clients will be happy. That is the beauty of Business-to-business dealings. Our intent is to make your clients happy through your product.

React is a star- Its more popular than Angular

React is one of the most popular front-end framework (library). It is gaining more traction over Angular and Vue. Multiple projects choose React over any other front end frameworks for its simplicity. Check the google trends for React Js grew over time.
React lovers are increasing time-to-time for its unmatchable UI, uncompromised quality that comes along with fast and reliable development toolsets.
React’s community plays a crucial role in the popularity of React JS. That becomes the next top reason to choose React Js for businesses.

Strong community support

The active community of React is extremely helpful when you get stuck with any issues. They are the main reason for the React documentation getting better day by day. Every bug reported is getting resolved immediately.
Being an open-source library for coders across the world, React Js has formed its strong community to support budding React JS developers. There are thousands of YouTube tutorials, articles, in-depth blogs and many other useful resources are readily available for React Js.
More than 177,972 questions were answered in Stackoverflow by many experienced developers with their real-time experience. If your React developer or development team is stuck with any issues, they can post in any of the Q/A sites, groups, forums or Reddit to get immediate response from experienced experts in the field.

Great developers tools

Numerous benefits comes along from a developer’s perspective to choose React Js for any business. Some of the notable advantages are its single-way data binding flow, enhanced rendering with the so-called Virtual DOM. React Js is compatible with most of the browsers, supports other third-party tools, and renowned for its Redux developer tools. Most of the tools are available as browser extensions to check the hierarchy of the components.

React Native – A mobile Application platform accompanies

If you are planning to develop a mobile application along with your website, React Js is the must-go choice that comes with a bonus mobile application development platform called React Native. With React Native, you can build cross-platform applications easily. React creator said that it is a learn once and write anywhere library that allows you to write code for developing native apps suitable for Android as well as iOS. Apparently, the methodology and architecture is similar between React and React Native.
Get in touch with us to hire the best React Js developers from Agira technologies for building websites with seamless user interfaces.

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