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What Is The Right Cost To Hire React Js Developers

  • By Agira Technologies
  • May 27, 2020

Hiring a react js developer is a tough process and it is more important to find the dedicated React JS developer at the right cost. Being one of the top front-end development framework react JS holds all the capabilities to provide your website with seamless user experience and interface that your customers and your business deserves. The React JS developer salary is different in different countries and it hugely depends on many other factors. A smart entrepreneur should be able to find the right method to hire a react developer at the right cost for developing his web application. Here is your guide to fixing the right cost to hire React JS developers for your next project.
How to fix a cost estimation to hire React JS developer?
In order to come up with the best cost estimation to hire React JS developer for your project, the first step is to analyze each detail of your project’s requirements. Only then, you can come up with a precise number and also add the buffer cost by considering the risks, unexpected development complications, or maybe a pandemic like COVID-19.
Always make a list of requirements that are essential for the development of your project. The list should include the requirement of the number of React JS developers or a React JS development team. Also, make sure that the skillsets and experience that are required for your project.
If you are not a technically sound person, you can always get help from a technology consultant or solutions like Agira technologies. We guide you through all these processes with ease and help you find the best solution for your front-end development using React JS. Here are some of the factors that you should consider before estimating the react JS development cost.

  1. Development hours
  2. Project Scope
  3. Developer experience
  4. Developer Skillset
  5. Recruitment model
  6. Outsourcing country
  7. Related complications

Above are the factors that affect the cost to hire React JS developer or cost of React JS web development.

React Developers Hourly Rate In Different Countries

Hiring the React JS developers is the best solution as you can hire affordable as well as dedicated React developers effortlessly. The React developers’ hourly rate in India is 7.51 USD / hour as per payscale data. Here is the hourly rate of React js developers in different countries.

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All the details mentioned in the above table are taken from Payscale on the 27th of May, 2020.
As already said, there are a number of recruitment models that allow enterprises to pick a React JS developer for their business. The cost of the React JS developer or development is hugely dependant on this factor. If you hire the entire React JS development team, the outsourcing company might give you an option to pay the estimated cost to develop the web application and additional amount if necessary. If you are only hiring a React JS developer, it costs you on an hourly basis. This happens for both when hiring React React developers, as well as Freelance, React developers. Here is the cost of the developers depending upon the recruitment model.

Freelance React Developers Cost

There are many Freelance react developer marketplaces where you can find the top Freelance React JS developer easily. Some of the major freelancers’ marketplace known for hiring developers are preferably Upwork and Toptal.
Upwork Freelance React Developer cost – 40-180 USD / hour
Toptal Freelance React Developer cost – 35-65 USD / hour
With respect to the skillset and experience, the cost of the Freelance React JS developer might change.

React Developer Salary

Remote React Developer Salary

According to Glassdoor, the remote React developer’s salary is $74k-$83k.
According to Zip Recruiter, the remote React developer salary is $83k-$146k.
According to Remote Boom, the remote React developer salary is $100k – $170k.

Senior React Developer Salary

According to Zip Recruiter, the senior React developer’s salary or annual pay is $125,000 – $149,000.

National Average – US
Salary Range
Min Max
Annual Salary $125,000 $149,000
Monthly Salary $10,417 $12,417
Weekly Salary $2,404 $2,865

Junior React Developer Salary

All the details that are given below and the above table are taken from Zip Recruiter and the values are true for the United States of America.

National Average – US
Salary Range
Min Max
Annual Salary $72,000 $94,939
Monthly Salary $6,000 $7,912
Weekly Salary $1,385 $1,826

How much should it cost to build a react website?

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