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Catch The Festive Glimpse Of Agira 3rd Year Anniversary Celebration

  • By Agira Technologies
  • November 19, 2018

Agira proudly celebrating it’s 3 year of success! Agira getting it’s wings ready to cross the upcoming successful years too and at the same time, Agira at it’s blissful state to cherish the path it had crossed all these years. It’s really been a wonderful moment for us to step into the next year and the story of this successful journey can’t be simply put in words! It’s collection of emotions we would definitely keep them closer to our hearts to cherish them forever.

First Day

Again looking back at the first day, The grand day kick started with powerful talk of Dr. R. Sivakumar BAMS. MD (Ayurveda) Medical director of Chennai Heritage Hospital with lots of cheers. We still remember his concern towards our health and the amount of positive vibes he created through his impeccable talks and it’s really been such feast for we Agiratians.

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Celebrating The Grand 3 Years Of Agira Success – Agira Anniversary Week (Day 1)


Second Day

Coming to the second day celebration of Agira Anniversary, A well spent day with the legitimate women Ms. Kuppulakshmi Krishnamoorthy the product evangelist of the Zoho Corporation who is full of energy and has the power to rejuvenate the people with astounding speech. Whose words of wisdom simply won the hearts of everyone and the words she emitted, sparkled everywhere like the stars and moons. As time passes by, it seems she had the fountain of energy that she continuously radiated through her immutable talk. And that’s not the end! A well speech followed by cheerful games was been quite glorious to be a part of it!

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Agira’s Anniversary Celebration Day 2 With Ms. Kuppulakshmi Product Evangelist Of Zoho


Third Day,

The green squad gathered to celebrate the 3rd day anniversary celebration of Agira, Yep! We had an interesting chief guest Mr. Nishanth Chandran the founder and CEO of Tendercuts which is one of the leading online meat industry today. Plus, this man clearly knows how to engage the audience with the right set of information. Because the topic he chose to engage us was equally the same plot which we people starving to hear from the successful business people.
Agira anniversary Celebration
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Agira’s Anniversary Celebration Day 3 Began With Mr. Nishanth Chandran CEO Of Tendercuts


Fourth Day,

The 4th day anniversary celebration of Agira geared up with mind refreshening Games! This time Agira decided to dedicate the 4th day for Games and Games only! Because we clearly know playing floor breaking games are the best way to regain the energy back. it’s definitely the fun filled day we love to have soon!

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Celebrating The 4th Day Anniversary Celebration Of Agira


Fifth Day,

The grand 5th day anniversary celebration of Agira began with Mr. Dorai Thodla the technopreneur and founder of Technology Strategies LLC. To talk about our chief guest Dorai Thodla, he is the complete tech stack person who has full of knowledge on various technologies and development. Also he is the active master player on cracking codes and automating things up. It was full of techy and kind of day dedicated to our fueled full stack developers and we truly honored to have him with us.

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Kick Starting The 5 th Day Anniversary celebration Of Agira With Mr. Dorai Thodla


The grand final day celebration of Agira 3rd Anniversary,

The final celebration of 3rd anniversary can’t be covered in single blog because we got you so much to cover be it a talk or games or entertainment or delicious food we had everything and we created endless memories on the final day! Though we couldn’t get everything from the festive hall but still we could get you some of the best moments and memories straight from the festive hall!
It was early 9 in morning and our Agira family already gathered to celebrate this tremendous day with laughter’s. The function inaugurated with “Tamil Thai Vaalthu” and very next after the song Mr. Ganapathi our respected CEO of Agira technologies took the opportunity to thank everyone on behalf of Agira. Well, he extended a warm gratitude to each and everyone gathered on that moment.

In between, our chief guest CK. Kumaravel CEO & Founder of Naturals, Mr. Paraman Pachamuthu Founder of Malarchi and Leo Peters Music director and Entertainer joined us on this special occasion to make it a memorable one!

Awards Ceremony

Its time for Agira to honor their super heros who’s support meant a lot to grab this success. Now, Revealing the names of the employees who have been awarded for their excellence in work and dedication towards Agira.

Starting with the emerging start of the year,

Ms. Ramya

the best blogger of the year!

Mr. Mangiandan . k

Best performer of the year

Mr. Vignesh. M

Extra Mile

Ms. Akmela Priya

Path maker of the year

Mr. Manigandan Thangaraj

Best project of the year

Mr. Venkata Krishna, Mr. Bharani and Ms. Nagarani for NPS project

Special Mentions

Mr. Senthil & Team for bringing innovation in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Finally, Mr. Mariappan the co founder and director of Agira technologies took the opportunity to thank everyone for their contribution towards Agira success, he extended his deep gratitude to everyone for being a part of Agira success.

Mr. Mariappan while giving vote of thanks

And the rest is mystery! Because our very own celebrities Mr. Paraman Pachamuthu and Mr. Leo Peters got us back to back cheering, applauding. When the Paraman Pachamuthu left us inspired through his astounding speech on “Joliyaai Velai” then our great entertainer Mr. Leo Peters came along and got us singing, playing, cheering like a kids through his various entertainments and phenomenal singing sessions. He literally left everyone burst into laughter’s where the entire room got filled beautiful memories! and we couldn’t waite to celebrate the next year celebration with you all.

Mr. Paraman Pachamuthu

Agira Team

Lunch Time 🙂

Mr. Leo Peters

Mr. Leo Peters on the dance floor

Mr. Leo Peters

With a strong come back, We Agira destined to share the next year celebrate soon!

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