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Agira Initiated Hackathon 2019 With Google Flutter – Developer Events

  • By Agira Technologies
  • February 13, 2019

Agira – Successful launch of Internal Hackathon Feb 2, 2019 which focuses on innovation from diverse technologies. This initiative of Agira, profoundly began to induce the creativity in every developers & to push them to achieve beyond the boundaries so that the technologies should never be a barrier for any developers to shine henceforth.
Notably, Agira didn’t set it only for developers, instead we kept the door open for anyone who’s passionate to learn, collaborate & Innovate.

With that spirit, Agira invited our developers to join a hand to make it a grand success. To our surprise we got the huge responses & participation’s from every developer of Agira. Together they made it a grand success which gave us so much confidence to focus more on latest technologies in near future.
Hackathon 2019
For a moment, we would like to extend our deep gratitude to every developers who joined together to make this happen. Our special “Thanks” to the team Mr. Vignesh, Mr. Jagadeesh, Mr. Gowtham for their special initiatives through out the Hackathon.
Hackathon 2019

Challenges Given,

The challenge is to develop a HR application in flutter within two days of time.

Why We Choose Flutter?

Why we choose Flutter while the industry is already being flooded with hell lots of framework.

  • First, we want to limit the development cost
  • Secondly, we don’t want to upgrade/maintain two different codebases.

Also, Listing down the few clear-cut points that can surely make us to reconsider flutter over other frameworks
Coming to the point, we splitted into teams formed by 3 members and the wow part is, everyone is new to flutter & still they tired learning everything in short span & succeeded in building precise solution for us.
Another imperial thing we loved about this Hackathon is, we have not seen any team trying a same approach even by a coincidence because each team took a different approach to solve the task & succeeded in their approach which again gave us versatile view on getting excellence in flutter.



The Winner Is,

And the winner team is, Mr. Jagadeesh, Mr. Amit, and Ms. Aishwarya, Of course everyone who gave their best is winner here but especially we loved the approach taken by this young team who were very much obligated to bring out the solution in short span.
Hackathon 2019
Thank you team & the entire Agira family for making it a grand success!

Our special thanks to our very own pillars of Agira, Mr. Ganapathi – CEO, Mr. Mariappan – MD, Mr. Senthil Nayagam – CTO for always supporting us to try something new every time.

That’s not the end!

As we said, we don’t want to end it here, having seen all these young talents we pledged to have more Hackathons in coming days to explore more technologies!
Having all these in mind, not leaving our goals, Agira continues to move forward Excellence. Soon will show up with next Hackathon details ! Because we don’t need a special reasons to celebrate the talents!
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