Celebrating The 4th Day Of Agira Anniversary #AgiraAnniversary Week Day 4
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Kick Starting The 5 th Day Anniversary celebration Of Agira With Mr. Dorai Thodla

The grand 5th day anniversary celebration of Agira began with Mr. Dorai Thodla the technopreneur and founder of Technology Strategies LLC. To talk about our chief guest Dorai Thodla, he is the complete tech stack person who has full of knowledge on various technologies and development. Also he is the active master player on cracking codes and automating things up.

Its time 4 Pm here and our fueled guys have already sat with notes to catch all his running tips. From automating things to cracking codes to building own tools & engines our chief guest Mr. Dorai Thodla is superstitious talent on sharpening people on development. Coming to talk about his success is not that easy to put in words, The man who knows everything but still wants to play more in development than striving to climb the management position. Because he didn’t want to sit and take rest like any successor but he continuously thriving to transfer his knowledge to the younger generation to educate the importance of coding & technolgies. What else we could ask more than the man who just stood with us to share all his knowledge and experience to us. We truly honored for having him with us.

And again the speech followed by some super excited games,

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With the countless smiles, we shined off the day and to continue with the tomorrow celebration Thanks to Agira for letting us have all at same time. Expect the another big day from us in another few hours.

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