Celebrating Agira's 3rd Year Anniversary - Day 1 | #AgiraAnniversary Week 2018
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Celebrating The Grand 3 Years Of Agira Success – Agira Anniversary Week (Day 1)

Agira Technologies – Delivering sentinel solutions  the name with this ambitious brand was initially started with very small group of family. Later it’s gradually extended its people and turned out to be one of most successful & promising software development company in Chennai. Stepping into the 4th year is still a short time, but we’re glad that even in a very short journey Agira has grabbed so many victories in everything that fell on its way. All these histories are constantly added by the continuous efforts of our Agira family and we would never fail to thank each and everyone who is been with us throughout this journey and worked hard to give nothing but victory.

On making this special occasion more aspiring; we had a wonderful chief guest Rtn. Dr. R. Sivakumar BAMS. MD (Ayurveda) Medical director of Chennai Heritage Hospital who made this day to be more content and resourceful. On this beautiful evening, Dr. Sivakumar gave his humbled presence and accompanied us with such an informative speech on the importance of health and how Ayurveda helping us to lead a medicine free live which we guys definitely needed and that pulled us hard to look after our health.

A great welcome speech given by Ramya

agira anniversary celebration

Mr. Ganapathi CEO of Agira Technologies extended his warm welcome to Dr. R. Sivakumar

Also there is a special reason why we purposely wanted to have this man with us, Let me tell you that, more than a doctor Dr. Sivakumar has the destined love with Social services. While Yes! Dr. Sivakumar is the president of Rotarian club who is successfully contributing on various social services for the right people.

During  Dr. R. Sivakumar inspiring speech

Imagine a man with humbled nature who knows how to heal the people and knows well to cure the pain. Thank god he can serve both with such a gifted nature! Coming to his speech, trust me! He didn’t disappoint us a bit because as an aspiring doctor comes the social enthusiast he made sure to cover everything that we IT guys must wanted to know.

anniversary celebration
A grand happy family of Agira

A humbled speech with an added humorous touch on this evening was really been such a delight for us.

anniversary celebration
A happy pose of Sivakumar with Mr. Mariappan and Mr. Ganapathi

anniversary celebration
Thanks giving speech given by Selva

Alongside we should definitely convey our very big thanks to every Agiration’s who actively participated and made this day to be a more memorable one. The grand 3 years of anniversary celebration successfully began with festive vibes and wows everywhere. Besides, such success cannot be celebrated in one day! Of course, we need more time to jump and celebrate everything we crossed all these years. So, we’re so excited to tell you that this celebration going to be continued for the next four days with so much funs and colorful events. Indeed, we’re so thrilled to share everything thats gonna be held on next four days. Stay tuned and expect some fun thrilled fascinating events from Agira on coming days.

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