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How to Reduce the Cost of Mobile App Development with React Native Technology?

  • By Agira Technologies
  • August 20, 2020

From the past 5 years, React Native has developed as potentially the most powerful and inexpensive mobile application development tool. With 2.87 billion for smartphone users and 1.26 billion for tablet users across the world, developing a great mobile app for your company is a major decision to make. Considering the fact that 250 billion apps are downloaded in Google play store and iOS together and making the mobile application market earn $188.9 billion in revenue in 2020, it is crucial to develop a business application for both platforms to attract the most out of the audiences. But, both of these platforms act and perform differently. So, you will need to decide if you need to build a separate application for an Android or iOS platform. That may be costly as these two platforms have specific software specifications, and you need two separate developers to build a product.

Being released by Facebook in 2015, React Native is the framework for building exclusively cross-platform applications. A cross-platform application is a mobile application that can run on both platforms with a single source code base. 

Here’s how React Native will aid you to save quite a deal at the expense of developing your mobile app.

Lower Development Cost and Time

As already mentioned, both the platforms are completely different, and separate native applications need to be built. It will be costly as these two systems have specific software specifications, and you need two separate developers to build an application. With React Native, you can build cross-platform applications that can run in different platforms with single source code. 

React native enables application developers to transfer the entire script or perhaps even segments of it between different mobile platforms. The developer can build a mobile application for Android and then compile it into iOS with no or less effort. Statistics reveal that the time taken for the development of React Native apps takes 33 percent shorter than usual mobile application development. And consumes less time than it requires to create iOS and Android mobile apps natively.

Low-Cost Maintenance

The cross-platform application built using React Native works just like a native app, which ensures that it can support all mobile apps. These applications don’t have to struggle with versioning. This means that when you are releasing updates to your mobile application, you don’t need to release separate versions for each platform. This can reduce the maintenance cost in longer terms. 

Reusable Code

React Native brings you with a code reusability attribute, that lets developers reuse different code or snippets on any other platform. In other terms, developers should create an application that utilizes a common source code base for both Android and iOS devices. In addition, developers can also develop and reuse native components without requiring a third-party tool. If the web application is built using React, the same code snippets can be reused in building React Native apps.

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Rapid App Development

React Native is equipped with large library components that allows rapid application development. Furthermore, the native approach of the React Native framework helps you to save nearly 33 % of the total development costs by deploying mobile apps on multiple platforms.

Readily Integratable

Apps built with React Native can be seamlessly integrated with other applications.  This minimizes the effort of the developer to do otherwise an additional cost. The positive aspect of the integration is that it doesn’t impact the performance of the app.

Highly Scalable

Cross-platform applications can be operated effortlessly from different devices of specific operating systems and architectures. As the code of such apps is reusable, it is not difficult to scale up at any point. The above contributes significantly to save development costs.

Self-sufficient Resources

The React Native framework is equipped with plenty of powerful tools and strong community support. With this framework, you don’t need to hire different developers or tools to build the application more effectively for both Android and iOS platforms, separately. This evidently lowers the development cost. 

Effortless Debugging

React Native utilizes a range of design and development resources to ensure seamless and consistent application development. In addition, it also makes it easier for the developer to debug the application during the application development. 

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Easy Availability of Developers

With JavaScript as its coding language, it is easier for you to find React Native developers. Otherwise, those developers with JS skills could indeed learn React Native easily. There are many JavaScript developers available wit best-in-class expertise and experience in the development of React Native apps.  This ensures that you don’t have to spend big to locate and employ a developer.


React Native requires less time & effort, offers hot reloading, easy integration, low app maintenance &  effortless debugging, higher scalability, and a variety of other functionality, it’s indeed possible to design a cross-platform application for both Android and iOS by spending less.

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