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Top 7 Reasons to Choose Azure Over AWS

  • By Agira Technologies
  • August 21, 2020

Are you looking to adopt cloud computing, and don’t you know whether to use the Azure or AWS?  Let me remind you why we recommend our customers to choose Azure. In the Leader quadrant on Gartner’s 2015 Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Magic Quadrant, both Amazon Web Services ( AWS) and Microsoft Azure were featured.

This is a great accomplishment for Microsoft since Azure entered the cloud computing scene in 2010 to compete with a much older product, AWS which was launched back in 2006. Azure has made significant strides in a shorter time. Now it delivers a collection of functionality and technologies that greatly outweigh its rivals.

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Here are some of the top reasons why you should choose Azure over AWS.

1) PaaS Capabilities

For virtual machines, networking, and storage, both Azure and AWS provide identical IaaS features. But,  Azure has greater PaaS functionality, and today, it is an essential component of cloud infrastructure.
The Paas services of Microsoft Azure provides you with the environment, tools, and building blocks for application developers to build and deploy new cloud services much faster. Also, it offers the necessary ‘dev-ops’ connections that are crucial to observe, manage, and consistently fine-tune the apps. Microsoft is taking control of most of the network maintenance with Azure Paas.   Azure’s development thereby makes it possible to be 100 percent focused on innovation.

2) .Net Compatibility

One of Azure’s most valuable advantages being its compliance with the .Net programming language, which offers Microsoft a distinct advantage on AWS and the majority of the rivals. To order to function seamlessly with both existing and modern programs created utilizing the.Net programming platform, Azure was designed and streamlined. Unlike AWS or others, moving their Windows apps to Azure Cloud is much easier and straightforward for enterprises. So Azure is the obvious choice for the several organizations that use. Net-based enterprise apps.

3. Security and Compliance offerings

Based on the Security Development Lifecycle, an industry-leading assurance protocol, Azure protects your data, services, and applications. For decades at least Microsoft has been a security leader. Microsoft was the very first to be certified with ISO 27018.

For more than seventy enforcement packages, Azure has broad services with terms to compliance. The credibility of Azure’s compliance is strengthened by the fact that it is contractually bound to GDPR and its architecture process has been established with a regard to privacy, protection, and compliance. Azure is currently the cloud solution that the US government agencies trust most.

4) Hybrid Consistency

While Amazon is still exploring the hybrid waters, Azure has its hybrid capability in place already. It links the data centers smoothly to the Cloud. Azure provides a robust platform that allows efficient mobility between on-site and the public cloud.

Except for AWS, hybrid apps can be built upon Azure that can make the most out of available resources in datacenters, at the end of the service provider, or within Azure itself. Azure also offers a wider range of hybrid connections to improve usability and performance, including Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), caches, content delivery networks (CDNs), and ExpressRoute connections.

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5) Integrated Environment

Azure brings an advanced framework into the market for the development, testing, and delivery of cloud applications. The preference of frameworks depends on the developer, and the accessibility for Azure migration is further complemented by open programming. In addition to APIs and prototypes, ready-made tools such as web, mobile, and media can be harnessed to develop Azure apps. Azure PaaS puts all the applications, data, tools, and collaborators together, both on-site and in the cloud. The robust toolset is suitable for addressing integration challenges, from linking smartphone devices with LOB systems on-site to managing B2B payments with partners.

6) Gentle Learning Curve

AWS is commonly viewed as a complex operation. This is apparent from the various tutorials, user guides, and documents.  In comparison, Azure makes use of tried and tested systems that have been utilized by many companies over the years and are still utilizing now that includes  Windows and Linux, Active Directory, and virtual machines. In fact, it provides powerful resources such as XCode, Hadoop, Github, Visual Studios, Eclipse, etc. Microsoft also offers some third-party tools, technologies, and software built on the Azure Marketplace by partner-developers. As a consequence, the Azure Cloud’s learning curve is easier.

7) The ‘Enterprise Agreement’ Advantage

If a company currently uses Microsoft applications, so Microsoft would certainly have the ‘Enterprise Agreement.’ It is eligible to obtain offers on the Microsoft applications being used because Microsoft usually adjusts such arrangements to reduce Azure’s price. Thus, undertakings will usually get substantial rewards with the usage of Azure with the enterprise agreement.

For businesses, it is a very critical choice to choose the best cloud provider. Azure provides a hybrid approach, PaaS, and a number of other advantageous features that are essential to every cloud strategy nowadays. By migrating to Azure numerous companies have witnessed exponential business development. As a consequence, Azure stands out as a significantly better choice when comparing to AWS.

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