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How To Choose The Best Android App Development Company

  • By Agira Technologies
  • August 21, 2020

Have you got a new app idea Or deciding to have an Android application for your business? An Android app solution can take your business to the next level by bringing new opportunities and better ROI. 

Choosing a mobile application development company is a challenging task, especially if you are not tech-savvy. To an app idea to become successful, you need to hire an Android development company that aligns with your mobile app strategy. 

Getting a team of experts is sure a complicated process, but finding an established Android development company might be the best choice to drive your ROI. It is crucial to understand the business, market, and requirements listed for your app before seeking a mobile development company. Put them on a paper as clearly as possible. 

Let’s see how to choose the best android application development company.

1. Know about Experience

When going for a well-established Android development firm, Android developers’ experience is one of the essential factors to consider. Similarly, an experienced company means the developers have faced and solved various challenges related to the development procedure. 

While shortlisting the developers, you can get assurance from the company’s Android development team that they can deal with complex issues and offer the best services you need. Hiring an Android development firm with a proven record in the apps they developed is way more essential as their quality. They should have an in-depth understanding of your target audience, creativity, and skillsets acquired with experience. 

2. Size and Global presence

If you are about to hire a dedicated team for Android development, it is vital to consider the size of the app development company. You should see the number of Android developers, designers, testers, UX/UI experts, QA experts, and the global presence of the development firm. It is better to opt for the most reputed and proficient development partner who is already an expert in delivering the right product across your industry. 

3. Check the Portfolio

After finding some firms, shortlist them as per the weightage of portfolio and look for brands they have worked. Many companies have a portfolio on their website. It highlights the pervious projects and what kind of solution was provided by the team for their client. Identify the online presence of the products and capabilities that is relevant to your project. Go through the success stories and determine if the company qualifies to be hired for your Android project. 

4. Communication

Smoother communication is the key to any partnership. You should look if you can seamlessly communicate with the development team, The company understands your requirements. Especially if you are working in a different timezone, it becomes hard to stay in touch with the developer and receive project updates regularly. Communication is vital when it comes to quality app development, which has all the required functionality. Before signing the deal, ensure that the development team will communicate regarding the process through modes of communication like call, live chat, email, or Skype.


5. Ask for Client References

As you hire from other sources and channels, ensure that you request the company for client references. Or note down those clients they have worked with and get their contact information from the development firm. It is the best way to determine how well the company can align and work with your goals. You can also get direct information about their experience, and satisfied clients will always speak well of the development company. 

6. Have a call or meet with the Company Representative

Before you make the final decision, it is essential to go for a call or meet with the company’s representative and make the team understand your viewpoints, requirements, results, objectives, and everything related to Android development. You can freely communicate such factors and ask suggestions to improve your idea during the meet or call. Ask about the company’s location and to find how you can correlate the project with your in-house team. 

7. Project Timeline

You have to ask the development firm for an estimated project timeline. Most companies work on multiple projects simultaneously, ensure you ask questions regarding their availability, and when they can deliver your Android app. It is also vital to confirm that there are some dedicated sources available to work on your project. The project timeline helps the development firms as well you to communicate regarding the requirements of your project effectively. 

8. App Testing Method

For an android application to be successful in the marketplace, all the development capabilities should be tested to deliver a flawless application. When writing code, it common to have complexities arise, such as bugs, crash issues, and broken features. Make sure to ask your development team for the testing strategies they utilize before the app’s delivery. Your app should be tested on various android devices, and if bugs are discovered, the team should rapidly troubleshoot them to be uploaded onto the app store for the end-user. Bugs and broken features will create a negative impression on your brand, make sure the development team has the required testing approach towards your Android development project. 

9. Data Security

Another most crucial factor to consider is data security. System data leaks, privacy violations, insecure storage can harm the lifespan of your android app. It is vital to hire a development company that secures the code of the whole development process. It would be best if you made the company understand the value of your users’ data and take steps to secure it. Ask them for a multi-layered security solution for securing the data from any attacks and threats. 

10. Team engagement & Hiring Models

Most development companies go for flexible or customized pricing models, which are more suitable for your app requirements and budget. The fixed pricing model is where you will defining the requirements, scope, and timeline of the project is determined to pay a fixed price for the final product. Once your specifications and scope of work are precise, this is a low-risk option. 

The dedicated hiring model allows you to hire dedicated developers, mainly to work on the Android project or keep them in-house. You’ll have to pay a monthly fee for each resource you use. The time hiring model is where you can hire developers on an hourly basis. The project and efforts are estimated in terms of the execution of the time and resources deployed. If you are looking to invest gradually and continuously, you can opt for a Time hiring model. 

11. App Submission

Once after the testing is completed, you can submit your Android app in multiple app stores. The app stores verify and approve the app for user download. Ensure you review the app store guidelines before the app submission. This process comprises many steps, and you can get help from the development team to complete the procedure. 

12. NDA Agreement

The non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a legal document in which you have to sign it with the development partner. It avoids illegal activities a fraud; it better to go for the company is ready to sign NDA at the starting the partnership. 


To build a successful Android app, these are some of the essential factors you need to consider when choosing the best Android app development company. This ensures that you are investing the money in the right place and for better ROI. 

For more details on the best Android app development company, get in touch with us if you find difficulties in hiring an app development company. 

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