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How To Boost Your WooCommerce Website’s Conversion?

  • By Agira Technologies
  • September 7, 2021

You’re getting a lot of traffic, but no one is buying? Every online business owner dreams of having a large stream of visitors, but if they don’t make purchases or convert into customers, all of your efforts to attract them will be for naught. This is why your WooCommerce website’s conversion rate is such an important indicator for evaluating the success of your efforts and optimizing the performance of your site.

The following is a list of the best practices for creating a high-converting product page.

1. Make It Easy To Find The Right Products

Time starts ticking the minute a customer reaches your online store and reads a product page. The more time and effort it takes customers to locate what they’re searching for, the less likely they will convert.

Making things more accessible utilizing and simpler will encourage your customers to buy right away. This may be accomplished by ensuring that you have the following features:

  • With Algolia, you can improve onsite search by adding live search, filters, indexing, and more. Elasticsearch may also be used to speed up a search.
  • Improve your website’s navigation. A multilayer product navigation system makes it simple to locate a product by category, price range, color, size, or any other product feature.
  • Customers want to evaluate features, benefits, and pricing in order to figure out which product is best for them. To make things easier, use Product Compare.
  • Allow Messenger to live chat to offer proactive assistance to consumers browsing or to display a chat window for them to contact you. Use the Beeketing for WooCommerce plugin for it.

2. Use High-Quality Product Images

People are very visual creatures. Any product page’s holy grail is the product picture. An online store relies largely on product photos as a point of reference for online consumers due to the lack of any physical interaction. Product pictures can address some of a shopper’s queries without having to read through a long product description.

Here are some easy ways to improve your product pictures and your visual content strategy in general:

  • High-resolution product photos are essential: customers who are shown high-resolution product images are three times more likely to convert than those who are not.
  • Shoppers like to use a zoom function that allows them to zoom or pan interactively on product pictures. Indeed, 38% of online customers are more inclined to buy a product from an online retailer that offers a product zoom option.
  • With a 360° product view, you may show multiple dimensions, angles, and viewpoints of the product. When comparing items with 360° pictures to those with static photos, online shops saw a 6% increase in sales.

3. Cut The Jargon In Your Content

Words have a lot of power. To encourage your consumers to buy, you should provide them with high-quality information on your product page. Make your information easy to digest mentally, and write in a way that your target audience will understand. Be as genuine as possible in your writing style, as if you were speaking to your pals.

WooCommerce website’s conversion rates might rise by 78 percent if descriptions are written well.

You write for a certain audience. It’s the individuals who visit your website and decide to buy based on what they read. Make an effort to write your product descriptions in a pleasant and friendly tone to demonstrate that you are a welcoming and engaging company.

4. Run Promotions to Increase Urgency

The law of supply and demand may be used to enhance urgency on your product page.

You may generate two different types of scarcity:

  • Scarcity in terms of quantity (Only two items left at this price)
  • Lack of time (Last hours to buy)

If your product’s supply is limitless, you may provide time-sensitive benefits, such as a free present to the first X number of purchasers or a discount if they complete the transaction within a specific time.

For example, utilizing the Beeketing for WooCommerce plugin, this online business adds a countdown timer to your deals to create urgency. Offers with a countdown timer will alert customers that they must act fast to take advantage of the bargain.

Tip: Make sure the cause for the shortage is genuine. If it’s artificial scarcity, your consumers will notice, and your trustworthiness will suffer.

You may also send notifications to customers informing them that a product’s availability is restricted or that inventory is already low and may not be available very soon. Use phrases like “Only three remain in stock” or “The bargain is only good for 2 hours.”

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5. Build Trust

Let’s speak about trust now. Successful WooCommerce website’s conversion requires a high level of confidence. However, why is it critical for clients to trust an online business before completing a purchase? Because online purchases need personal information such as a person’s name, home address, and credit card information. There’s also the matter of money.

Adding visible trust signals to your homepage or product pages is a simple way to improve your website’s trustworthiness. Displaying trust signals like McAfee on an unfamiliar website is the second most crucial element for online buyers to trust.

Also, offer genuine testimonials and reviews from your pleased clients to reassure your visitors. Positive evaluations, according to 74% of customers, increase their trust in a company.

You may also enhance credibility by presenting social evidence, such as a popup message that says other people are looking at an item or that a recent purchase has been made for that product.

6. Rescue Lost Conversions

Did you know that 98 percent of visitors will not purchase their first visit? That’s right. It’s that high. This is a complex problem for many internet shops, especially when traffic is so difficult to come by. Consider the number of conversions that may have been lost.

However, there are a number of methods for you to recover those possibilities. Some instances are as follows:

  • Configure the wishlist feature. Shoppers aren’t always ready to make a purchase. It’s critical that you include wishlist links on your product pages so that customers may store items, return to them later, and finish the purchase. No potential conversion will go to waste with a wish list feature.
  • Retarget consumers with cart abandonment emails. You may also send cart abandonment emails to gently remind your customers of their abandoned carts. You may use WooCommerce’s built-in functionality to set up automatic emails to recover abandoned carts, or you can use the Mailbot app in the Beeketing for WooCommerce plugin to automate the process.

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7. Compare Yourself With the Competition Before Shoppers Do

Every product and service has direct and indirect rivals. People conduct comparison shopping all the time. They search three websites for the most significant goods before making a purchase.

Putting it into practice, take advantage of it by comparing your products to others before customers do.

People generally just consider the essential aspects of a product, such as pricing and features. You may also manage the dialogue because you are in charge. If your product, for example, is more costly than your rivals’, you may make your advantages the most visible portion of your comparison table.

In this manner, you can explain why buying your more expensive product is better than buying the cheaper option from a rival.

A product comparison table can help your visitors stay on your website longer. Because you control the message, you may position your product as the best option.


By optimizing your product pages, you’re increasing the likelihood that they’ll accomplish what they’re supposed to do: convert. There are various strategies to increase your WooCommerce website’s conversion rate of your product page, but the main goal is to provide a good shopping experience.

Your WooCommerce website’s conversion happens when your consumers can quickly find the correct items, physically inspect the product with a high-resolution photo, comprehend your material, avoid distrust, and make a transaction without difficulty.

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