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What Are The Top Websites Built With WooCommerce?

  • By Agira Technologies
  • September 2, 2021

Entrepreneurs who choose WooCommerce may require a little more persuasion from time to time. There must be a reason or two why the New York Times uses WordPress. The same is true with WooCommerce.

Is WooCommerce a scalable platform or only for startups and small businesses? Can you keep up with WooCommerce easily? What is the maximum number of goods WooCommerce can handle? There are many other frequently asked questions about WooCommerce from its users that are left unanswered.

But, many great websites, even “big” ones, are built with the WordPress and WooCommerce combo. Here is the list of the top 10 successful eCommerce stores built with WooCommerce.

How many websites are built with WooCommerce?

There are 3,876,748 active WooCommerce websites as of February 13th, 2020. WooCommerce has a 3.29 percent market share among the top 10,000 websites ranked by Alexa. This rises to 7% among the wealthiest one million people. According to SimilarTech, there are 868,000 WooCommerce websites compared to 270,000 Shopify websites to give you an idea of the numbers.

01. Root Science

Root Science is a company that focuses on natural skincare. They sell a variety of serums, toners, masks, and other skincare products. Because so much of the beauty and skincare market is founded on “false promises and greenwashing,” the firm is on a mission to utilize excellent incidents to assist its clients in achieving great outcomes.

The Root Science website has a light and beautiful feel, an essential component of their identity. Of course, you can read the full product description on each product page, but as you scroll down, you’ll get a better idea of how their many goods function together.

02. Zoya’s Pantry

The website provides nutritious, organic items that belong in your cupboard at a reasonable price. Their product line is also imposing, including gourmet sauces, juices, beans, and grains. They also include a tiny portion of whole foods, including beans, chia seeds, and quinoas.

Zoya’s Pantry is a fantastically well-branded establishment. Their website has light mint green and dark purple colors, fantastic imagery, and excellent use of white space. Small pieces of animation can be found throughout the site, giving it a tremendous atmosphere.

03. All Black Shop

Next up is All Black Shop, a sports merchant based in New Zealand. It’s the All Blacks’ and New Zealand Rugby Union’s official webshop. As you might assume, their website features many black tones, strong text, and darker marketing photos.

You can discover a wide range of sports apparel and accessories on the site, which you can quickly browse to using the header navigation. The product pages are also fantastic, as they display the goods, offer all required product information, and include a list of recommended products at the bottom of the page.

04. Earthbound

Earthbound sells products for your pets, primarily dogs. They sell all sorts of cute things for your four-legged pets, from beds through coats to toys. All of the products look high quality. Making good products for pets takes some profound love.

05. Joco Cups

Here’s yet another cup seller. Joco, on the other hand, is selling glass mugs explicitly designed for coffee drinkers. The cups are designed to produce the ideal cup of coffee.

If you want your coffee hot, you may find it difficult to grasp them because they are constructed of glass. As a result, they come with amusing rubber sleeves. If you want to carry your perfect cup of coffee with you on the move, you can also purchase a cup cover.

06. Pickle

Pickle is a Slovakian accessory manufacturer. From backpacks to colorful socks, they have something for everyone. A few socks were exciting and bright.

It was difficult for me to resist purchasing something from Pickle. They also have a fantastic assortment of sunglasses. Their items appear to have a positive mood, which contributes to its overall brand is amazing. What more could a designer want?

07. Mini Learners

Mini Learners is a company that offers children’s posters. Every single one of their posters is lovely. Anyone would place a couple of these in their own home.

Although many of them are black and white, the colorful ones are among my favorites. Their use of color is brilliant and well-executed. It doesn’t appear to be the standard yellow, red, and blue plastic seen on many low-cost children’s items. 

08. Henry J Socks

One may find another men’s store here. This one sells novelty boxers and socks. This store is fantastic. Socks and boxers are a lot of fun. The variety of designs and hues is incredible!

You can’t recall seeing many socks or boxers like this in shops. The items dictate the website’s mood. And, most significantly, it functions admirably.

09. Friend of Franki

Friend of Franki is an Australian apparel business run by two thirty-something sisters who dreamed of a life full of creativity, passion, and purpose and established a lovely and whimsical brand.

The site is so personalized that it’s hard to tell it’s WooCommerce at first glance. The photos evoke memories of summer vacations in Europe and time spent with friends. Just looking at the pictures makes you want to go out and buy a dress and plan a ticket to somewhere exotic!

10. Strandberg Guitars

It takes a few seconds to load, but once the video in the header of this gorgeous Swedish site starts playing, it’s difficult not to sit and watch it all the way through. The Strandberg Guitars’ website is aesthetically stunning.

The Angry Birds WooExperts have redesigned the site. A simplified product gallery that classifies guitars by kind and product line provides a positive consumer experience.

To sum up, there are several more WooCommerce benefits and advantages to utilizing WooCommerce that are not on this list. The platform’s professional appearance and versatility make it ideal for small and medium enterprises. You can obtain all of the basic needs with WooCommerce for a fraction of the price of most other eCommerce platforms.

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