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Flutter: Top 7 Learning Resources for Beginners

  • By Agira Technologies
  • August 19, 2020

In modern mobile development technologies, Flutter is one of the fastest-growing frameworks. If you are looking to learn Flutter, You have reached the right place! We have found some of the most useful resources that would help you learn Flutter online. 

Flutter is built on Dart programing language developed by Google. Flutter has an expressive user Interface and native performance on both Android and iOS platforms. Flutter is now a widely used framework to build mobile apps. 

What is Flutter?

Flutter is Google’s open-source UI SDK that enables you to build native apps for multiple mobile platforms from a single codebase, Dart.

Top 7 Resources to Learn Flutter

1. Codelabs

Codelabs is from Google; if you are looking for coding over concepts, you can start with Codelabs. They cover guides and tutorials on introduction to Dart, building a Flutter app, add existing or new features to the mobile app, using Material components, and integrating Firebase. Each of these tutorials has a starter code that enables you to understand the use of specific features with code. 

2. Dart Guides

If you are in the early stages of learning flutter, these Dart Guides are best place to start. It has a language tour where you can understand why Flutter uses Dart as its codebase and how it helps building an expressive User interface. The set of guides explains the significant features, design, usage, and customization. Dart is one of the biggest reasons why developers love building mobile apps with Flutter. 

3. Build Native Mobile Apps with Flutter

It is a free course from Udacity, where you can learn to build high-quality and interactive mobile applications for several mobile devices. If you are starting or intermediate in Flutter, this course can help you make an app quickly within a few tutorials. It is a step by step tutorial that compiles down to ARM code and uses Flutter features and extensible architecture. 

4. Flutter Examples

Flutter Examples can help you understand how to think when it comes to working with Flutter. It is one of the best sources available on GitHub. One of the easiest ways to learn Flutter is that deconstruct them and remix them into working examples. GitHub contains the instance from the Flutter team, where you can practice with a set of components and projects. 

5. Flutter Cookbook

It is an official Cookbook containing recipes that demonstrate how to solve common problems while writing mobile apps in Flutter. It covers Animation, Design, Forms, Gestures, images, lists, maintenance, Networking, Navigation, testing, and many more references that would help you build a seamless mobile application that is self-sufficient.

6. Getting Started

The Flutter team has put out the best guide for getting started right from the development environment set up. From installation to advanced topics segmented tutorials for multiple platforms. It contains step by step tutorials and guides through the complete mobile application development process.

7. Flutter Weekly

Flutter Weekly is a community-curated newsletter that has frequent updates regarding Flutter Framework and tutorials from the experts in the community. Updates cover the new releases, beta version, tools, and more integrations with Flutter. Other parts consist of video tutorials, libraries, and code. If you need regular updates on Flutter, you can subscribe to the Flutter Weekly Newsletter.  

Youtube Videos

There are several tutorials available on Youtube. Watch this video to understand Flutter more and how it was invested. 

Flutter Tutorials

Flutter Tutorials is a complete Video Tutorial with over 86 videos on Youtube. You can learn how to build basic to advanced Flutter projects. 


If you are planning to learn Flutter or just a beginner, these are the best resources available online to learn Flutter. All the tutorials, as mentioned earlier, are worth your time and easy to learn. The tutorials and guides will enable you to implement fundamental to advanced functionalities and quickly build a mobile application. 

So, What are the other sources you feel would perfectly fit this list? Also, tell us, how do you think about Flutter?

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