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Top 10 Successful Apps Made Using Flutter

  • By Agira Technologies
  • August 4, 2022

Intro to Flutter

The critical thing to know about Flutter is that it’s an investor-friendly volition for cross-platform app development introduced by Google. You can develop a flutter app formerly and cross-compile them for multiple platforms with Flutter. Inventors are eager to use Flutter because of the expansive attestation. It was made available for the public in interpretation0.6. The rearmost interpretation has stabilized, and the new features are beginning to crop.
 The fresh benefits of the Flutter frame include

  •  Being Suitable to exercise changes.
  •  Largely delivering performance operations.
  •  Working with lower- resource-ferocious designs.

Below are ten of the popular apps made entirely using Flutter or switched to Flutter recently.

List of Apps

  1.  Google Ads (10M+ downloads)
  2.  KlasterMe (10K+ downloads)
  3.  Reflectly (1M+ downloads)
  4.  Xianyu by Alibaba (100M+ downloads)
  5.  Postmuse – Instagram print editing app (50K+ downloads)
  6.  Hamilton (500K+ downloads)
  7.  Lunching (5K+ downloads)
  8.  Pairing
  9.  Watermaniac (1K+ downloads)
  10. Cryptograph (10K+ downloads)

1. Google Advertisements

 This is a mobile operation that allows you to manage Google announcement juggernauts directly from your smartphone. It’s a condensed interpretation of a desktop platform for you to track announcement affairs from any position – you’re not confined to your plant.
 The app includes crusade statistics, the capability to modernize flings and budgets in real-time, live cautions, keyword editing, and the capability to communicate with a Google expert. It’s both intuitive and aesthetically pleasing.

Google Play Downloads 10M+ downloads

2. KlasterMe

 Flutter frame can be used for the social media website designed by the inventors. It’s a popular content-sharing point where people can make their runner and add images, blogs, essays, checks, and entries. The program enables druggies to partake in creations with the general public.
 The KlasterMe interface uses only happiness from other KlasterMeers, simplifying the advertisement process and creating a seductive design. For the time being, KlasterMe is simply a work in progress.

Google Play Downloads 10K+ downloads

3. Reflectly

 Reflectly is an AI-powered particular journaling operation that combines cognitive-behavioral remedy, contemplation, and positive psychology to help druggies manage diurnal stress, resolve negative studies, and remain positive. It enables you to express your feelings and care for your internal health.
 This Flutter app provides detailed perceptivity into how your days are going and precious perceptivity from a leading tone- help experts to help you in managing any internal health issues.

Google Play Downloads 1M+ downloads

4. Xianyu by Alibaba

 When we suppose of Jack Ma, we picture Amazon and world domination. To carry out their plan, the inventors launched the Xianyu platform.
 As Flutter has inked on, over 200 million registered druggies are taking advantage of it!! There must be a lot of Chinese wares in the air around then moment.
 When looking at a robust system to apply and gauge, they decided that the Flutter frame was an excellent option. Apps with hundreds of millions of yearly active druggies have switched to Flutter.

Google Play Downloads 100M+ downloads

5. Postmuse – Instagram print editing app

 Instagram is about to come to the coming Facebook. That isn’t magnification; it’s simply the way effects are. Facebook is seen as a tool used by your senior uncle to snoop on your high academy scale prints.
 And with so numerous new companies now using Instagram, it’s only natural to have professional-looking Instagram images for. This is where PostMuse enters the picture.
Instagram allows you to view, edit, and design multiple Instagram photos. However, also PostMuse protects it If you can’t find anything to agree with. This app erected with flutter also helps recommend the stylish picture, so your social media marketing looks authentic.

Google Play Downloads 50K+ downloads

6. Hamilton

This is the sanctioned operation for Hamilton, one of the most well-known and award-winning Broadway adaptations erected with the Flutter frame. It was created especially for the band’s massive group of suckers to keep them informed of all music news.
The Hamilton app includes a karaoke function for those that want to sing along to their favorite songs, a regular quiz game, access to a variety of Hamilton lottery games, as well as exclusive vids and slideshows. On both platforms, the stoner interface is superb.

Google Play Downloads 500K+ downloads

7. Lunching

 Lunching is a smartphone app that makes it easy to order delivery food. It’s one of the successful food delivery apps made with flutter that trials with the new armature. One person inside the association can produce an order using the app. Bulk payments can be made or paid druggies can also make payments in lower installments.
After completing the first edition of the Launching app, they are the crucial takeaways of inventors who used the Flutter frame.

  •  Furnishing a harmonious frame.
  •  Enabling a fast and flawless development process on both platforms.
  •  Smooth robustness and rich UI.

There was, still, a significant handicap. Due to the relative youth of the technology, it can be grueling to find results to arising issues, similar to those on Stack Overflow. As a consequence, you’re on your own to come up with ideas when developing a flutter app. Still, as preliminarily mentioned, the flutter community is fleetly growing, which gives us reason to be suspicious about the future.

Google Play Downloads 5K+ downloads

8. Pairing

 Pairing is a courting social app that’s one of the most intuitive and introductory exemplifications of Flutter apps available. Dating is better with Pairing since links and matches are made via the user’s real-world communities.
 Developing apps with Flutter feels eerily analogous to native products. For case, if you produce an Android or iOS, they can bear multitudinous relations with both the operating systems. Else, Flutter allows you to produce optimized operations for both platforms using the same resource law.
 Also, Flutter’s Instant Run point is profitable. When you modify the law, your system will automatically modernize.

9. Watermaniac

 Watermaniac is a featherlight water monitoring operation made possible by the Flutter frame. It assists consumers in keeping an eye on their frequent water use. Druggies may produce recreating targets, track their operation history, and get necessary monuments for their coming consumption.
Because of Flutter, inventors can fluently manage and upgrade this operation as asked. This app allows people to use their mobile device as a shamus, recording how important water they consume during the day, allowing them to maintain an optimal health balance.

Google Play Downloads 1K+ downloads

10. Cryptograph

This Flutter app provides top-notch results in monitoring and tracking the rearmost updates on over 1600 global cryptocurrencies similar to Bitcoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, and Ethereum. The Cryptograph smartphone app, operated by Flutter, provides real-time information in the form of exchange rate charts, enabling druggies to cover the request movement history of their asked cryptocurrency.
Cryptograph maintains over-to-date reports and statistics on cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP), among others. The software displays currency exchange rates, allows you to pick and add coins to your Pets for fast monitoring, and numerous further.

Google Play Downloads: 10K+ downloads

Key takeaways

To epitomize, developing apps with Flutter can profit your company, as demonstrated not only by us but also by some of the request’s largest players. Flutter, in our view, is a particularly feasible choice in the following circumstances.

  • When you’re looking to produce a Minimal Feasible Product for startups.
  • Take the quick request launch of your mobile app.
  • Demanding an Android and iOS app with a top-notch UI that offers flawless UX and dependable, faster results.

Flutter enables you to achieve lesser functionality with lower coding and a new, suggestive vocabulary. Flutter is formerly gaining traction and gaining the community’s interest. As a result, a number of youthful inventors use this technology, making it easier to retain the stylish platoon.

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