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AI Chatbots – 7 Ways to Improve your Customer Experience

  • By Agira Technologies
  • March 25, 2020

Entrepreneurs today can bring or adopt any new technology to enhance their customer experience. As customer experience has become a competitive advantage for any business despite its industry. It is no secret that chatbots play a crucial role in enhancing brand engagement and customer experience.
The factor of satisfying our customers when having a query and providing them with an immediate acknowledgment should be the first and foremost goal of every entrepreneur.
It’s not always possible for some of the startups or small businesses to engage with their all day. They may lack technical resources to provide excellent customer service 24/7 to their customers. But, they cannot compromise on customer engagement or experience. So, AI chatbots can help in improving their customer service without a huge investment in technical resources. Here’s where Artificial Intelligence took a way to reach us in a most powerful way.
Artificial Intelligence is replacing human resources in many areas and industries. Take for example artificial intelligence robots to replace personal assistants, Smart cars to replace human drivers, and so on.

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What is an AI chatbot?
A chatbot is an artificial intelligence software that comes with great features to have a casual conversation with your customer like a human. Other chatbots without advanced AI can also provide you with an outstanding User engagement. A chatbot will allow you to search the precise queries like product information or event details, coupon code or venue details, etc., As soon as you drop the question, it will get you the complete details related to your query. When you get everything in handy with the quick response then why the customers need to bother about the human technical support which held them long in a call. Sometimes even makes them wait for several business working days.

How does AI improve customer experience?

Recent research found that Chatbots will spare organizations over $8 billion by 2022 in the sectors of Retail, E-commerce, Banking, and Healthcare. In the 2016 F8 Conference, where Facebook reported that businesses would begin utilizing their Messenger application to purchase and sell products and also will offer customer support.

1. 24/7 Customer service

Customers can come to your site at any time with any query. You cannot decide their time of inquiry. So, if you need to improve your customer experience, it is important to provide 24/7 support to them. For providing your customers with 24/7, you need to make your employees work in shifts and lose their sleep for providing this service. But with AI chatbots, you do not need to ask your employees to work in shifts as chatbots do not need sleep or work only in a specific time. Chatbots provide your customers with all the necessary information that your customer needs or seeking instantly. So, your customer leaves your website after sorting out their query. Some best AI chatbots can converse with a customer smoothly like a human operator.

2. Live chat

Instead of hiring a customer support executive for proving chat support for a customer, it is beneficial to adopt a chatbot for this process. Live chat is made easier with AI chatbots. Also, It is easy for customers to learn using artificial intelligence customers. Even the conversations are more conversive and casual. This also enhances customer engagement with the brand. This pushes the customer deeper into the conversion funnel.

3. Immediate Response to queries

When a customer visits your website for a query and it is not recognized and resolved by the company, the customer might not visit back to your website or return again as a customer. Without telling your customers to wait for a few business days, you can provide live chat with your customers instantly. Simple issues can be resolved and immediate responses to their query.

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4. Handle uncomplicated customers effortlessly

Other than any serious or complicated dealings that cannot be done by a chatbot, you can easily resolve simple queries with it. If the chatbot cannot resolve an issue, it will alert the responsible executive to deal with it. The AI chatbots are designed in such a way that they can sense the complex questions that need serious analysis. It is assigned to resolve or answer simple queries and engage with customers effectively.

5. Customized Chatbots

As specified earlier, Chatbots gather authentic information from customers. Based on the information they can anticipate and provide real-time information to human operators. So no doubt, Chatbots act as virtual operators. By utilizing the past data and current data, these live agents can give significant information and answers for the clients based on the user experience.

6. Reduced Human Error

One of the main reasons why we should look for a chatbot is “Reduced Human Error.” Of course, saving customer’s time and providing them accurate information would be the primary goal of every competitive company. In that case, can we put our trust over Chatbots? Obviously yes! We can! even now or later we may forget, but Chatbots are not!
So it’s clear because everything is pre-designed and catered with the set of customized queries. At last, if the Chatbots are not able to fetch the details then immediately it would take you to the FAQ Section. There you can find the list of relevant queries that are raised by the other customers and right after solved by their support team. Fortunately, Chatbots are intently designed in such a way to access enormous data that can enable them to answer your client’s inquiries precisely.

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7. Simple, Cost-effective and Smart

Another best part of a chatbot is we can make a secure and easy integration on any websites with a small piece of code.
Thankfully you don’t need much effort to make your Chatbots work fully functional. With the snippet of this code, even you can integrate it with social media messaging apps in a most convenient user-friendly way.
Delight your customers with customized welcome messages and personalized information based on their user experience.
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