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7 Mistakes You Should Avoid in Chatbot Design

  • By Agira Technologies
  • February 21, 2018

Artificial intelligence & chatbot are the next big evolution’s expected to take over the future technologies. Substantially getting developed in such a way to handle the risk factors which are even failed to handle by mobile applications.
In case if you’re wondering how these chatbots can serve you better? Or how it could help out your customers throughout the business?
Well, You could take a quick look at our previous blog about “How AI & Chatbots can improve your customer’s experience?” Hope it might help you to analyze the impact of chatbots through artificial intelligence.
On the other hand, while developing these chatbots, your developer’s might commit some common mistakes which you might think it as small, but deliberately that would lead you to lose all your potential customers in the current market.
So, This blog articulated to provide you the information about 7 mistakes you should avoid in chatbot design.
Now, What are the mistakes, you should avoid while developing bots and how could you make your bots remain successful all time?
Here are the collective results!

Avoid Complexities, Make Clear Navigations!

Produce clear navigation structure and make sure every click-through action leads to the exact frame. So the customer’s won’t be driven to irrelevant queries.

Humanize Your Bot

Never fail to humanize your bot! Customers don’t want to feel like they were talking to a robot.

  • Give a human identity with the cool logo.
  • Find a distinct and customized name for your bot so your customers can easily find it.
  • Teach your bot about its own personification.

So make sure your bot had an explicit knowledge about its goal of existence. Particularly, When customers tried to ask precise queries about your bot name, age or it’s mission and so on, So make sure your bot should cater all information.

Don’t Be Generic, Personalize Your Chatbot for Better Result!

Remember bots are not just robots, Chatbots are more than robots!
Customizing your Chatbot is more significant than anything.
Think of Amazon how your search results got stored and how you got hit by the product results you were searched last time.
It keeps reminds your favorite products to provide you the greater user-friendly experience.
Similarly, your bot should react in the same way.
Store your customer’s history, use it for better user experience.
Ask about the last result your bot provided and ask them to review your bot performance.

It’s Better to Acknowledge Than Being Idle

Seriously, give your prior attention to it. Sometimes lack of response time would cause bad experience even leads to taking your Chatbot away from the devices.
So, Don’t make them wait too long! Even if your bot needs time to recognize the query then immediately acknowledge your customers with precise taglines like ” wait for sometime, we are processing your query.”
Yes! It’s always great to make your customers to have an idea of what’s happening instead of giving a blank screen.
So your customer wouldn’t mind waiting for some time or wouldn’t lose their interest in surfing more.

Don’t Be Flooded, Be A Cup of Tea!

It’s not an ideal approach to give elaborated messages for all queries.
Ask a precise question, give a shorter text and narrow down your customers to the exact results. It would help them to save their time lot.
So they never fail to use your Chatbot again.

Ensure to Handle The Complexities

Your bot can handle all the pre-structured queries then, how about the complex questions?
How will you ensure your Chatbot to manage such questions?
In that case, you can redirect those questions to humans and rest to the Chatbots! It’s a Win-Win deal to holds back your customer.

Never Forget to Delight Your Customers With Ending Notes!

When customers ended up with searching, never leave them empty!
Address and delight your customer’s with ending notes like “We’re still looking forward to serve you more and thank you for the better interaction!”.
Which means your Chatbots were completely listening to them and that would make them even more satisfied,
So obviously they will hold the best user-friendly experience while leaving your bots!

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