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Surprising Ways To Stand Out As A Leader

  • By Agira Technologies
  • September 24, 2019

The actual secret to stand out of the crowd is to stop trying to fit in the crowd. As a CEO, despite managing your company, you got to leave an unforgettable impression everywhere you go, and among your organisation itself. To be a thought leader is what most of the CEOs hope to be. The most sought-after title ‘leader’ gives more responsibility than the title ‘CEO’. The word leader represents not only the character and expression of you, but more about the people who follow you. Here comes more responsibility. Stand out as a leader with the following tips.

You cannot become a leader with many years of work experience, you got promoted or because you own a company. What makes you a leader? a role model? With great leadership qualities, you can lead a great team, develop a great product or service and get extraordinary results. Here is the list of impressive characteristics that great leaders have that let them stand out from the crowd.

1. Always Have A Plan, Also Have Plan B

When you are angling your leadership position as a CEO of a company or an Entrepreneur, you crucially need to stand out from the crowd. Only with a solid plan, you can gain influence and achieve more in your Industry. Firstly, you need to know where you stand and where is your goal set. You can get a vision only if you set a goal.
Start your strategy by finding answers to the right questions. Any question you answer should abide by the rule “why behind the what”. Communicate to your team about what matters to your company as well as why it is important. Doing this helps your team to understand the importance of the project. In addition to it, they deliver better results by prioritizing the results in mind. This practice integrates confidence between the team members.
The whole idea of being a leader is between bridging the gap between the plan and the goal and also, its outcome. Being prepared for any situation will always helps you stay positive. So, once you are ready with Plan A, always be ready with Plan B and also with PlanC. The stress influences you to make serious mistakes when it comes to business. To stay as “Captain Cool” always, you need to be prepared to tackle any situation.

2. Manifest Confidence Everywhere You Go

Do you know what is the most important factor that builds a great team? A relationship between a leader and his team should necessarily need to be built with trust. When you are confident about your project or even a plan, eventually it flows to your team too. So, exhibit trust and manifest confidence on your vision or goal. This also helps you to spread positivity among your team or organization. As entrepreneurs and leaders are known as risk-takers, you should not be afraid of the obstacles. The trust and confidence will obviously make you stand out.

3. Exhibit A High Moral Value All The Time

Originality is everything that is mandatorily expected from a leader. Your moral values stand for the originality of your brand. Being a leader, you need to exhibit moral values everywhere and stand for the right things in any situations. Pitch on the moral values. This is where the actual masterplan for your brand is hid.
Character and integrity are the two most important factors that sets a leader apart from everyone. Being a leader, you need to be the role model for your team to amplify their actions and follow you with enhanced trust. It is important to consistently work on exhibiting moral values at all times and also motivate their team to do so. When the relationship with your team is built with trust, most of your work is done. You don’t need to constantly work hard to motivate people to follow and produce results.

4. Practice Listening

There is a misconception in leadership that the leaders do all the talking and the rest obey the rules. So, you need to listen first of all. This makes you stand tall before the crowd rather than to stand out. This doesn’t mean that you need to listen to everything or everyone. Practice to filter the right information from the right people at the right times. So, practice active listening by asking questions that drill down your understanding. With listening, you can recognize things that you don’t know. You can actually do more with listening and also hear what is said beyond the words. That makes you stand out!

5. Perceive Uncertainty Like A Boss

The real leader can perceive uncertainty and communicate it to their team well. Believing that the expected results will be achieved as per the plan is very unrealistic. Moreover, it is a risky proposition that would leave everyone at risk. Many of us think that making a mistake exhibits our negative sides like being irresponsible, not taking the right decision, or inability. But, in reality, especially in business, if you are not making mistakes, it means that you are not trying the maximum of opportunities out there. After all, what does a good leader means if you are afraid to take risks?.

6. Be Unique, Realistic, Original and Especially Different

Whenever a prospect comes to your company for your product or service, you make sure to tell them the reasons why they should buy this product/service. Similarly, give them a reason to accept you as a leader. Give them an answer to their why question.
For that, you need to be different. To keep it simple, what makes you stand out in a crowd? Being different from the crowd. It’s that simple. It showcases your uniqueness, originality and more importantly, it creates a brand for yourself. So, leaders consider change as an opportunity to stand out, rather than a barrier. It may be of any conversion from products, customer processes, strategic alliances, or even new technology.
Great things doesn’t happen overnight. Brace yourself up to be a tough leader in your niche that stands out tall.
CEOs are the root of the company from where the inspiration, motivation and, most importantly, trust flows through the whole tree. So, you got to be strong and immovable against any storm in the business forefront and lead your tribe.
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