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5 Ways To Secure Your Chatbot From Pirated Access

  • By Agira Technologies
  • April 19, 2018

What if your Chatbot provides faster performance, Curated results, Excellent customer service but fails in providing Security.
Does it compelling or make sense? No Right?
Obviously, Your entire effort will be nothing if you refuse to provide strong security.
If you’re having business Chatbots but strictly want to say no to the Hackers? Then this blog is for you! With the below-specified hacks, you can protect your chatbots like a pro!

Induce With Proof of Concept

Image result for chatbot with proof of concept
A clear proof of concept is always a perfect gateway for successful businesses.
More precisely, Your bot should know which information should be shared and which should be held. Extremely, Its good to train the bots to have clear insights of all the loaded data to deliver the appropriate information.
To overcome these risk factors, Ensure your bots undergoes all the Proof of Concept to filter the precise data whenever the user tries to overdose your bots with the chunk of information.

Stay Cautious About The Data Leaks & Privacy

Image result for say no to data leaks
Your bots not supposed to deliver the privacy data of your businesses or user’s.
Teach your bots to identify the difference between the generic data and confidential data. So you can protect your confidential information from intruders without getting leaked.
Throughout progress, chatbot can perform all the operations as you had designed, but eventually, it’s our responsibility to be clear about the business credentials whichever we are equipping with it.
So double check it’s not Incorporated into any private data.

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Enhancing The Cyber Secured Encryption

Related image
Developing a robust encryption technique is the foremost primary action required for building a successful bot. Indeed this approach will help us to stop the hackers from intruding and eventually will act as a Security wall.
Its always good to keep your bots under the control while sharing sensitive data. Alongside, Don’t forget to have an eye on the bots when it is in public channel like Facebook, then it would be quiet harder to handle the encryption. So it’s better to release with the active security policy.
On other hand, Facebook is genuinely working on end to end encryption technique for it’s Messenger, but still, the process is in beta mode and yet to wow us with the powerful encryption.

Before its live, beware your bots are encrypted, and it’s allowed to access only through the encrypted channels.

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Performing Identical Authentication

We can achieve the identical authentication in various ways,

User Identity Authentication:

A primary user identification is made with the user login credentials like username and password.

Authentication Timeouts:

Both User or the platform are set to revoke the authentication token within the particular interval of time.

Two-Factor Authentication:

A user is required to verify their identity through two separate channels likely by email and text message.

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Bio-metric Authentication:

Unique user identification is required to enable this Bio-metric concept such as acquiring a user fingerprint or retina.

End-To-End Encryption:

We might have noted how the Facebook & WhatsApp is handling the end to end encryption technique to secure information shared by both end users. We can apply the same concept in Chatbots.

Self-destructing Messages:

When any sensitive information is being transmitted then it’s automatically precausted to initiate the self-ruining on the transmitted data within a certain amount of time.

Pause Your Bots If It Behaves Unusual

Stop your bots if it misbehaves. It’s better to restrain your bots & than letting it perform unusual actions which often lead us to trouble. So always try to keep an alternative solution whenever your bots throws critical issue.

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