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Future Trends of Chatbots & Voicebots

  • By Agira Technologies
  • March 13, 2018

Current technologies are often overshadowed by the upcoming trends and technologies. So it’s hard to satisfy the various needs of Businesses nowadays.
Similarly, When Chatbots hits this IT industry, it sets a huge expectation level for businesses.
After integrating Chatbots into their business applications, Without discriminating the advancement it holds for businesses, it’s just assumed as another messaging system.
Probably, Chatbots are underrated as soon as it hits the industry.
But in reality, Chatbot is one of the best effective tools you can use it for business.
It’s rebuilding the way businesses communicate with customers.
Especially, industries like retailers, Manufactures, production, and healthcare can get a maximum potential benefit of Chatbots.
We already released the piece of our article about the importance of Chatbots in E-commerce.
Ensure to check out the significant Benefits of Integrating Chatbots with E-commerce

2018 Would be the year for Voice bots

Due to the big companies’ investment in echo devices like Google and Amazon, Voice bots have got a massive success in 2017.
Recent Survey states that Amazon has made an effective sale, nearly 20M Echo devices got sold that holds 20K feasible features on Alexa store.
Hopefully, the success rate is expected to get double in 2018.

Blockchain – a Big Lift to Chatbot

We all have deliberately noticed the massive growth of Cryptocurrencies in recent time.
Moreover, all the media has covered the Tagline about Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Bitcoin almost reached halfway to its success.
Due to the enormous growth of Blockchain, the big companies are trying to bring an evaluation in chatbot by integrating it with cryptocurrencies.

Social Media Messaging Apps – A Brilliant Gateway For Chatbots

In contemporary times, we could apparently notice that people are navigated their focus towards social media apps rather than websites.
Undoubtedly, Social Media Messaging apps have got extensive attention from all over the world.
Hence Chatbots were known as an effective tool for customer engagement.
It would be a great deal if business starts leveraging the advantages of Chatbots through social media platforms.

Whatsapp gives it’s token to Third Party API

We all must be must be aware that Whatsapp didn’t give it’s access to third parties API. Big corps are at most waited long to expel this limitation.
Now the wait is over!
In 2017, Whatsapp re-announced to untie their policies. Finally, Terms & agreements got updated with added benefits.
The mystic truth is, Whatsapp agreed to allow software on its platform.
This time make no delay!
Take this opportunity,  Build a clear strategy for your businesses and make a perfect utilization of Chatbots.


Gone are the days, When Chatbots only used for messaging, Now the upcoming trends are queued up to change the protocol.
To drive the businesses in an effective way, Chatbots & Voicebots are working out all the way to achieve successful customer retention.
Now it’s perfect time to feed your Chatbots / Voicebots with advanced features.
Eventually, get ready to visualize the increased value of your future business with help of Chatbots.

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