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Weekly Roundup: Next JS 9.3 Release, The Ultimate Guides & Latest Tech News

  • By Agira Technologies
  • March 13, 2020

If you are a fan of the programming, we have got a lot of new hot releases this week. Every one of us wants to stay up to date with the latest technology news and viral articles around the web. Finding these articles takes a lot of time and effort while we are all caught with other responsibilities. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. We have gathered all the new updates, trending tutorials, conferences around you, and much more exciting things in our weekly roundups.
Let’s dive in!


Next JS 9.3Image result for Next JS 9.3

Release date: March 10th 2020
After the release of its version 9.2 two months back, Next JS has released its latest release 9.3 a few days back. The latest version includes many power-packed features like Next-gen Static Site Generation (SSG) Support, Preview Mode, Built-In Sass Support for Global Stylesheets and many others. You can get a clear view of what the Next JS team has to offer in the latest version from their own blog.

Visual Studio 1.43

Release date: March 10th 2020
The Visual Studio team has released their February 2020 version 1.43 a few days back. You can download the latest update or version of Visual Studio here. New features have been added and bugs have been fixed. Some of the key highlights of the latest version are search editors that search and save global search results in a full-sized editor, draggable sash corners, Linux screen reader support, minimap sizing options, and more.

Unicode Standard 13

Release date: March 10th 2020
The latest release of Unicode standard Version 13.0 is now available with more 5,930 characters and addition of 4 new scripts. So, you can now enjoy 55 new emoji characters with this version. You can get all the essential details about the new changes here. In addition to the changes, the latest version supports modern language groups in Africa, Pakistan, China and South Asia.

Go 1.14 Golang most wanted to learn programming language

Release date: 26 February 2020
The Go team happily announced it’s latest version Go 1.14, the popular programming language that is supported by Google. You can read the release notes of the latest version here. Some of the interesting features of the latest version include go command’s module support, improved defer performance, efficient page allocator, and internal timers.


GitLab announces Remote Work report

xcode_iOS dev tools

The GitLab’s remote work report confidently says that the future of work is remote because of the fact that 52% of remote workers said that they are less likely to travel, more productive (52%) and efficient (48%) when working remotely. The CEO of the Gitlab Sid Sijbrandij also mentions that for employees, this structure enables off-peak lifestyles, family-friendly flexible schedules, and improved work/life harmony. They believe that a world with more all-remote companies will be a more prosperous one, with opportunity more equally distributed. Read more about the report here.

Apple allows iOS developers to send ads using push notifications

The latest update of Apple’s App Store guidelines, it now allows the iOS application developers to send ads using push notifications. In the past, advertisements, and promotions were not allowed by Cupertino considering the user experience. The updated new rules permit developers to send push advertisements to users only if they agree to it. And the users can opt-out of the ads if they want. Read more about this news here.


If you want to find an ultimate guide for major programming languages, this website is the best place to start. The comprehensive tutorials covering all the major topics of the language will intriguingly make you catch the concepts effortlessly. It covers all the major programming languages, frameworks, database and many others. Click here to know more about the site.
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