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Top Reasons Why Node JS is Perfect for Enterprise App Development

  • By Agira Technologies
  • September 2, 2020

Finding a fast and safe way to build web applications is a necessity for businesses today to stand out of the cut-throat competition in today’s market. With ever-growing demands and expectations of customers, the businesses thrive today by choosing the best technology. Here is why Node JS is the best technology for building an Enterprise App Development. 

Some Node JS facts that prove its excellence in 2020 that you should know before getting into the topic. 

As per the user survey report of Node JS,  

  1. 47% of Node JS development work is spent on enterprise applications development and 82% is spent on web application development.
  2. 26 % of the Node JS developers all over the world are from the US.
  3. More than 4 out of 5 back-end and full-stack developers are using Node.js frameworks.
  4. The largest percentage of users deploy on Amazon Web Services followed by on-premise infrastructure. Though a significant number of users deploy to Heroku, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

What is Node JS?

Node Js is a server. The Google Chrome V8 JavaScript engine powers it as a framework. And to execute the JavaScript on the server-side. It simplifies and streamlines the development of complex applications. You can use components such as command-line interface, real-time chat application, REST API, web applications, and many more. 

Here are the Top Reasons Why Enterprises Need to Adopt Node.js

1. Performance

As Node Js is based on Google Chrome V8 runtime, Node.js is built to work on multiple operating systems with quick loading time. With regular updates, performance and security is never compromised. By supporting the latest Javascript updates, it is ultimately quick on the web. the Node.js architecture is single-threaded and event-driven that can manage multiple connections effectively.

2. Scalability

Node JS is highly scalable from its implementation and quipped with effective features. The cluster module completely supports load balancing and PM2 simplifies monitoring, optimizing, and deploying Node JS applications.

3. Cross-Platform

Cross-platform desktop applications are efficiently built using Node JS by making the most out of NW JS and Electron. The development can be more effortless by reuse of the code to build applications that are compatible with different platforms.  It is recommended to hire Node JS developers who can work with Google Chrome developer tools to debug different versions of the application. 

4. Node Package Manager

NPM plays a vital role in web development, and It is a default program that comes with the Node JS package installer. The latest version of npm has better improvement in the case of security and performance. Some of the most common features of the enterprise application can be used using Modules without writing it from scratch. The enterprise version of the npm is more beneficial for the developers to build an efficient enterprise application.

5. Reusable Restful APIs

The emphasis on flexible RESTful APIs is one of the main characteristics that make Node JS the right choice for enterprise software development. To build large-scale software systems, the emphasis of this framework on RESTful APIs is the most resilient way. This job is accomplished with APIs that connect to the backend and keep everything simple and light to manage huge data volumes.

6. Long term Support

Node.js provides long term support to offer companies and developers to rely on the top-notch technology to attain what that they need for their business to run efficiently. The new release of Node.js would support for a duration of 18 months from when it is rendered as an LTS edition which is continued by a  maintenance phase of 12 months. No new changes to the modules (features) will be made here and current vulnerabilities and security problems will be found and addressed.

7. Maintenance

As the demands of consumers are continually evolving, business implementations need to change with the demand in order to respond to the requirements. The user interface is a crucial part of this shift in applications like this. The way organizations want to view items in the product or choose to gather information is constantly evolving. Apps ought to be clutter-free, distraction-free, and, most importantly, technically superior.

8. Microservice Pattern

When the company continues to expand, you need to take control of a much wider variety of circumstances in order to prevent any disturbance. It is important to take care of any single part of your web creation operations. Node.js lets you handle each of your micro-tasks, such as CMS, email marketing, implementation, monitoring, and more. It means that you can manage any kind of challenge with ease. 

To conclude, Node JS is a lightweight framework that helps you to build enterprise applications efficiently and the best choice that is available for your business today. It caters to all the business needs and helps you build flexible applications. Node JS is highly reliable and comes with a lot of benefits from its strong and active community support.

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