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7 Node JS Project Ideas For Beginners

  • By Agira Technologies
  • September 7, 2020

Node.js is an open-source framework for building real-world server-side and networking applications. It not only allows you to create a dynamic website as it is built on chrome’s JavaScript Runtime. Node.js is widely used to make large scale with rapid development widely used in backend programming. It uses a driven model to allow the creation of highly scalable and lightweight web apps. 

If you’d like to build an impressive portfolio and hone your Node.js skills, we are sharing some project ideas on Node.js focused on beginners that would likely help you get hired.

Before getting started with coding or building your first project, create a repository for each project, which will be useful as a future reference. Learning some additional frameworks, like Express.js, Nest.js,, etc. can make Node.js development more comfortable and faster. 

Here are some of the exciting Node.js project ideas that you can practice to enhance your development skills. 

1. Books Directory

This is one of the primary projects you can create using Node.js, Express.js, and simple REST API. You can quickly develop endpoints using fundamental methods such as GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE. Use GET for getting all books one by into the id. Using the POST method, add a new book to the directory. With the PUT method, you can update the existing books, and with the DELETE method, you can remove the books. You have started with already collected data as a JSON file. It won’t require any database to build the app. 

2. Chat application

Node.js is superior technology to build real-time chat applications. You can also use Express.js,, and MongoDB to make real-time events. Start with creating a simple chat that allows the user to send and receive the messages. Later expand the idea by building a conversation and video calling application. 

3. Collaborative Drawing App

To develop a drawing app with Nodejs requires JavaScript coding skills. You’ll need prior frontend coding experience to set up the application. You can create a canvas that allows the users to draw things they want with the app. Set up a Node.js application by installing For a seamless interface, add HTML and CSS that allow users to draw and style it while handling the mouse events while drawing. You can also create the server-side code to see when the user joins and start drawing. 

4. Email Sender

This is another simple project idea that allows you to send emails in Node.js. Multiple applications today need this email’s sender features. Using the Nodemailer plugin, you can learn how to send emails and schedule emails in Node.js. It will easy to send emails to new users as they log in to the application. It is easy to build emails with HTML and well documented.

5. Video Streaming Plaform

Video streaming platforms are more popular among developers. It is exciting and challenging to build a video streaming app at the same time. You should know HTML 5 to create a video player. You can upload the video content with the help of JavaScript to handle the player buttons. It is the most appealing projects that would help you catch the eye of the employers today. 

6. Web Scraper

Every app today collects data from the internet. Creating one on your own can the best idea if you want to explore new plugins and codings. You can use data to start with the development and later save the file into the database in creating your own web scraper. 

7. Basic User System

This is another basic project idea that would help practice skills required for almost any Node.js Development. While building Basic user systems, you can learn how to set up a database and do migrations, new user registrations, create login endpoints, acquiring user data, and authenticating the user. It would be best if you had a basic idea about generating a JWT token for the user.


If you’re new to programming, you might find these projects overwhelming. Hopefully, these project ideas can help you build excellent applications. We recommend you slowly process these ideas and implement them with the help of node.j tutorials. Compared to other JavaScript frameworks, Node.js is relatively easy to adapt if you are familiar with server-side fundamentals. 

Node.js is known to improve productivity performance and including cost-saving benefits. Without a doubt, these use cases can make your portfolio interesting and stand out. 

Node.js is perfect for a real-time application that can collect data from multiple source points. Once you start building node.js projects, it pretty exciting to keep moving forward.

Need guidance with your Node.js project? Get in touch with our highly experienced Node.js Developers to help build a robust application.

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