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Great Examples Of Node JS For eCommerce Development

  • By Agira Technologies
  • July 29, 2021

JavaScript is the go-to language for developing dynamic websites, according to Node.js users. Here are the top reasons to choose Node JS for eCommerce.

They intend to push their commitment to JavaScript even further by using it for front-end development and back-end development.

Many experienced web developers are now adopting Node.js to improve their back-end work while still sticking to the tried-and-true language of JavaScript.

Node.js is so widely used that several big corporations use it.

These businesses that use Node.js have chosen it as their preferred runtime environment for JavaScript engineers. Continue reading to learn why.

What Is Node.js and How Does It Work?

Node.js is a cross-platform, open-source JavaScript runtime environment.

Node.js is a JavaScript framework that lets programmers test and debugs their code in a virtual environment.

Because Node.js is both open-source and cross-platform, you may use it in two different ways.

Second, because Node.js is cross-platform, it is accessible to practically any developer, regardless of their favorite operating system.

Ryan Dahl created Node.js in 2009. At the time, Apache HTTP Server handled the same tasks that Node.js performs now, although it did it less efficiently. Apache, in particular, was unable to handle concurrent queries. As a result, Node.js was born.

JavaScript developers use Node.js to create dynamic web pages using server-side scripting. User requests are processed on the server-side or web server, rather than on the client-side or web browser, using server-side scripting.

Clients do not have to struggle with long loading times or significant CPU use because of this scripting method.

One can use static web pages to achieve the same effect, but the website content will be considerably less exciting and interactive.

By depending exclusively on the webserver, server-side scripting allows developers to avoid the frequently overburdened presence of browser plugins and technologies.

What Are the Advantages of Node.js?

Some of the most well-known firms today utilize Node.js. With a track record like that, you have to ask what makes Node.js so appealing. Some of the benefits of Node JS for eCommerce are listed below.


Node.js is simple to learn. Though you’ll want experienced developers to assist you with your business’s software, accessibility is a big reason why professionals study Node.js in the first place.


There is no need to switch programming languages between back-end and front-end development because Node.js supports the ‘JavaScript everywhere’ paradigm.


Projects developed with Node.js reach the market faster than those built without it. Node.js is a lightweight programming language. As a result, programming in the Node.js environment is more efficient and straightforward. As a result, the time spent developing and to market is reduced.


As a result, scalability is integrated right into the core of Node.js. To prepare for company development, companies that utilize Node.js require scalable software.


Returning to the subject of accessibility, you’ll see that the most accessible software has the most users. A vast community has the advantage of receiving a lot of support and input.

Global Companies That Use Node.js For eCommerce

While Node.js is young, it is far from being a novelty. For a good reason, Fortune 500 firms prefer Node.js to alternative frameworks.

These businesses may have varied reasons for utilizing Node.js, but they’ve all come to the same conclusion: it’s worth it.


It is a prominent American retailer with a global presence that includes groceries and department shops.

Being one of the firms that use Node.js for its user interfaces and as an orchestration layer for creating application programming interfaces (APIs) for its numerous programs.

Developers can use orchestration layers to connect various apps or services.


Users may buy items from people and businesses via online transactions on e-commerce sites like eBay.

Every day, Node.js supports eBay by maintaining live connections to servers for almost 200 million eBay users.

Top Other Global Companies That Use Node JS


LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals. It’s excellent for those who want to make significant career changes and be recognized by suitable firms.

Companies that are seeking competitive applicants for available positions utilize LinkedIn in the same way.

In late 2011, LinkedIn moved from Ruby on Rails to Node.js. This was primarily due to Linkedin’s desire to improve their mobile app, which is now fully developed in Node.js.

They were able to reduce server resources significantly, and the software is reported to be 20 times quicker than its predecessor. HTML5 played a significant role in the development of LinkedIn’s mobile app.


Netflix is a video and television streaming service with millions of customers worldwide, and it’s perhaps one of the most well-known Node.js users.

Their team created Netflix’s user interface (UI) with Node.js.

Netflix chose Node.js because of the framework’s modularity, according to the Netflix team. As a result, Netflix is nearly two times faster throughout the setup process.


It is a top taxi service for those who need to get someplace quickly.

It was one of the first firms to embrace Node.js to its maximum potential, developing most of the Uber platform in the framework.

They picked Node.js for three primary reasons: simplicity of error checking, high processing rates, and the open-source community’s ongoing growth.


Trello is a collaborative web application that allows organizations to utilize virtual boards to coordinate tasks and ideas.

A typical Trello dashboard will show the user everything. What, who, and where of the project is in the development process.

Trello’s server is based on Node.js. Trello and its users require real-time updates, and Node.js can handle many open connections at once.

The Trello team highly appreciates Node.js’s various frameworks and capabilities for single-page apps.


People use PayPal most widely as an online platform for conducting secure financial payments. It creates user-facing content with Node.js.

The PayPal software team appreciates that Node.js allows developers to use JavaScript to construct server-side and client-side applications.

It brings the developer experience together in a way that aids the development process.


NASA is a government-sponsored agency in the United States that is responsible for space-related research and exploration.

Microservices is a Node.js feature that allows developers to approach application development by presenting software as a collection of tiny services rather than a single entity.

NASA was able to shift its whole organization to the cloud because of this capability.


Medium is an online publication platform that features a wide range of materials. Node.js with the webserver NGINX is that medium developers use to create app servers.

The Medium team appreciates the ability to exchange code between the server and client sides. They’ve also shaved 15 minutes from the deployment time.


Groupon is a similar e-commerce site, but it collaborates with third-party firms to offer exceptional discounts and deals. In 2015, Groupon, like Linkedin, moved from Ruby on Rails to Node.js.

The Groupon software engineers use the framework to transfer both their mobile and online traffic.

Their primary rationale is to increase scalability, although this transition led to resource reductions for high traffic.

Now, you know the why to choose Node JS for eCommerce development. Hire our top-notch Node JS Developers to get the best out of the latest technology.

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