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Top 10 DevOps Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2020

  • By Agira Technologies
  • January 27, 2020

DevOps have taken over the IT world. The software development process has drastically changed over the last 7 years. All the companies in the industry are in harmony with continuous deployment. DevOps has significantly produced high performance over traditional practices.
devops best practices
Today, the benefits of DevOps are extending beyond the development metrics. The agile teams have started to perform twice as faster and likely to meet the goals for the year.
Are you curious about learning new things on DevOps? We appreciate your attitude as highly efficient DevOps professionals in the industry. They are always reading, learning and constantly deploy new ideas.
We can find a lot of information about DevOps, online, but you are never sure of which is good or not. So, we have collected some of the interesting DevOps blogs from the brilliant minds in the DevOps world. You can follow them regularly as we do, no matter if you are beginners are already a professional. All these blogs are relevant to individuals who are interested in DevOps.

Best DevOps Blogs to read in 2020

1. Atlassian DevOps Blog

Bamboo, Confluence, Bitbucket, JIRA, and Trello. If already using any of these tools you will love the Atlassian blog. The blog also has dedicated categories which include topics that improve your understanding of the DevOps ecosystem, how to choose the right DevOps tools, DevOps tips, culture, etc.
Most of the other articles are product specific topic which provides insights and inspirations for effective usage.

2. DevOps Cube

DevOps Cube is one of the best blogs that provide great tutorials for your most favorite tools such as Docker, Google Cloud, Jenkins and more. The blog has various tutorial ranges for beginners to highly advanced DevOps engineers and developers.
DevOps cube has a high utility resource section and active forum to provide information you’re looking for on the website. The blog is filled with awesome tutorials, examples, trends, and tips.

3. is a fully dedicated blog for DevOps. It functions as a home page for the DevOps community. If you’re looking to learn DevOps deeper, has all the resources you’ll need. The blog includes different types of commentary on the ecosystem, product reviews, opinions, case studies, best practices, tips, insights for experts and as well as news.
DevOps chat is a popular podcast hosted by Alan Shimel. The podcast and webinars are conducted online at regular intervals. They also have a large repository of ebooks and PDFs for you to download and host webinars that cover DevOps specific topics and strategies.

4. Dzone DevOps Zone

Dzone is an education hub and tech site that covers a wide range of tech aspects from IT to Agile information. Numerous articles are published across multiple categories in a day. Apart from DevOps, Dzone also has blogs related to JAVA, Mobile, IoT, AI, integrations, etc.
The blog is filled with many useful resources form experts. you can also find some of the most familiar DevOps engineers among the authors. The blog covers theoretical to practical concepts of tools and best practices followed in different industry verticals. Dzone DevOps blog is the right spot to find the articles you need to know in DevOps.

5. DevOps Guys

DevOps Guys blog covers everything related to DevOps and the culture. This blog is managed by James Smith and Steve Thair, both together are creating interesting and fun to read blog posts.
The blog will give you an understanding of the changes that evolve in the culture and DevOps industry. There is a lot on the tactics and strategies of DevOps to tools and best practices.

6. Docker Blog

Docker is a popular container as a service tool that regularly updates new and highly valuable articles for DevOps engineers and pros. This blog is especially valuable for those who use Docker. Almost all the information on the blog is product specific. It has all the company updates and general DevOps blogs here and there.

7. The agile admin

The agile admin is one of the good choices when it comes to staying updated about DevOps. The Blog is fully dedicated to DevOps and they provide all the resources you need to become a DevOps professional. The blog is managed by four web systems administrators, who are always on top of whatever news related to agile and DevOps.

8. Pivotal DevOps

If you have just started to explore the DevOps world, Pivotal Resource center is the best place to start with. They have easy to read guides on multiple advanced level topics for agile, containers and DevOps. They are regular on product updates, industry insights, and case studies.

9. Infoworld

Infoworld is an online tech magazine that is wrapped up with articles on Cloud computing software development, news, and DevOps. You’ll also find interesting blogs on DevOps. If you want to stay updated with the latest industry news, Infoworld blog will be the right fit for you.
It also has insights from technology experts, recommendations and how to do blogs from various pros across the industry.

10. IT Revolution

IT Revolution has all kinds of information related to DevOps such as ongoing projects, tips, events, news, community, etc. More of the articles are in the middle of a business revolution. IT thought leaders shares conversations which makes it unique among other DevOps blog.
IT Revolution is a compiled form of incredible ebooks, PDFS and other resources that you won’t find on the other site. These blogs can help you learn a lot about how to use DevOps to run an effective business.


11. BMC DevOps Blog

BMC blog has a wide range of articles from educations to cutting-edge with a special focus towards the enterprise side of the business. They cover everything that is closely related to DevOps, and other topics like the Internet of things, best practices, programming, delivery, and deployment.

12. Agira DevOps

The blog is perfect for DevOps professionals and freshers who want to learn more about DevOps and web development. It covers the best practices, how-to guides, and best tools. It also offers advice on running a more agile business.
We hope you find these DevOps blogs useful! These blogs have loads of information about improvizing your software development lifecycle. Always keep learning!
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