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10 Best DevOps Certifications in 2021

  • By Agira Technologies
  • October 20, 2020

DevOps jobs are consistently on-demand, and earning a certification from accredited credentials represents the competitive skills of the successful professional. Certifications and training are obtained by the beginners and entry-level professionals through various courses, assessments to maintain a rigorous standard. Many tech giants offer certification to educate thier user on thier tools and empower the right usage. 

Why DevOps certification is important? There are various reasons for individuals who might want a DevOps certification. This certification allows you to level up and stay updated. It also demonstrates your expertise on a CV and which makes it easier for recruiters to understand your DevOps related skills. We are sharing the best 10 DevOps certifications you’ll need to most to reach your career goals in 2021.

1. Docker Certified Associate Certification

This Docker certification is designed to verify the programmer’s Docker skills. Docker is considered as one of the most essential tools used in DevOps operations. You should be able to handle Docker containers and images to run multiple applications on the same OS. Docker provides this certification to educate engineers on the Docker fundamentals, how to run containers, usage of Docker Swarm to orchestrate them, and how to configure Docker to use an external DNS. 

2. Kubernetes Administrator Certification

Another essential tool in DevOps operations is Kubernetes. To get certified as Kubernetes Administrator you need to pass the exam curated by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. They train the candidates from managing the basic Kubernetes cluster and how to build one from scratch. It is a fully practical course with lots of labs. It also teaches the best practices in networking, logging, deploying, scheduling pods, and other concepts with detailed coverage.  

3. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Certification

AWS has various certifications for developers, DevOps, and system architects. This Certifies DevOps Engineer certification aims to test the capabilities of the DevOps engineers in designing the distributed systems on the AWS stack. The exam focuses on the practices including security controls, metrics, logging systems, monitoring on AWS. Exam tests contain multiple-choice questions to bring out your understanding of designing scalable systems. 

4. Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certification teaches the implementation and management of the DevOps development process. And all the best practices in designing a DevOps strategy, continuous integration, delivery, and feedback. In a nutshell, it offers knowledge and verifies the DevOps engineers about running service on its Azure platform. 

5. Google Cloud Platform: Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer

This is one of the popular certifications offered by Google. It teaches how to develop and design reliable development operations with an optimized speed of software delivery and performance of the services. The final certification exam aims to apply reliable engineering principles, building and maintaining CI/CD pipelines. 

6. Cloud DevOps Engineer Certification

Cloud DevOps Engineer Certification is offered by Udacity, a platform that provides nano degree programs. The certification programs are designed by industry experts who will also provide technical guidance and support through the end of the certifications. The course contains core concepts which makes it an intensive course. The program teaches about building and managing CI/CD pipelines, logging, scaling microservices using Kubernetes, and securing the infrastructure patterns.

7. Introduction to Site Reliability Engineering

If you are new to DevOps, this might be the most suitable certification program offered by edX. It teaches about the development operations for site reliability engineering. You will need to send one or 2 hours a week to complete the course to earn the verified certification from the Linux Foundation. The exam will cost you around 181 euros. 

8. RedHat Certified Specialist in Ansible Automation

To verify the Ansible skillsets, RedHat offers this certification exam for DevOps engineers and practitioners. It aims to automate the configuration of the systems and applications that use Ansible. You need a basic understanding of how Ansible works to take up the test as there are a lot of practical concepts involved that will help you configure the system according to a template as you create Ansible playbooks.

9. Infrastructure Automation With Terraform

Infrastructure Automation with Terraform is available on Udemy. Terraform is a platform for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure ore safely and efficiently. Terraform is a reputed tool in development operations. It is also comparable with other popular tools such as Chef and Ansible. It uses configurations files to describe how the applications run and which components are needed. 

10. Jenkins Bootcamp for DevOps Engineers

Jenkins Bootcamp for DevOps Engineers is another course available on Udemy which aims to level up the skills on the Jenkins continuous integration tool. Jenkins is used by DevOps engineers to primarily support the agile methodology. The program covers all the fundamentals, server setup, and extend Jenkins functionality with plugins. 


To sum up, these are curated certifications that can highly help if your passionate and committed to learning DevOps. Having a ton of certification in the organization, it is quite a trick to find the most suitable certification to head start. You take up the test and receive your certification. Keep in mind that not every certificate has the same standards and status in the industry. DevOps certifications must be accredited by relevant certification bodies. The above certification is definitely worth your time and investment. 

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