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Top 10 DevOps Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2020

DevOps have taken over the IT world. The software development process has drastically changed over the last 7 years. All the companies in the industry are in harmony with continuous deployment. DevOps has signi...

habits of Highly Effective Programmers

10 Habits of Highly Effective Programmers

Are you having compelling goals in mind? Are you proactive? Then you are already on track! To become a rocking programmer, we have some of the worthy habits you should cultivate and get it down to regular pract...

DevOps Tools For Infrastructure Automation And Monitoring

Top 12 DevOps Tools for Infrastructure Automation and Monitoring

Looking for the best suitable DevOps tools for Infrastructure automation and Monitoring? Every DevOps engineer is striving for good tools that help them in speeding the application delivery. The DevOps tools ar...

Mobile app user infographic

Mobile App Usage Statistics To Know In 2019 [Infographics]

It’s no surprise in the increasing number of mobile web users than desktop web users. Many industries are now thriving to make the most from the opportunity. Most huge business giants use this as a market...

Swift UI features

Unveiling Apple’s Interactive UI Framework – SwiftUI Features

SwiftUI is an innovative breakthrough to create the most powerful applications in Apple. It acts as a supportive aid for all app developers to build awesome UI or user interfaces in an easy, fast and a simpler ...

Developing RESTful APIs with Python and Django

Developing RESTful APIs with Python and Django

It’s no secret, that Django is the most popular framework written in Python. Let’s see how quickly we can build a RESTful API with Python and Django. I’m sure that this definitive article will...

Kafka And Zookeeper Multi Node Cluster Setup

Kafka And Zookeeper Multi Node Cluster Setup

Kafka is a distributed streaming platform that is used to build real-time pipelines and streaming apps. It is a good replacement for a traditional message broker. For applications with large-scale message proce...

10 Best Free Resources To Learn Jenkins For DevOps Developers

10 Best Free Resources To Learn Jenkins For DevOps Engineers

Jenkins is one of the more popular tools for the DevOps engineers that allows to setup up the CI/CD(Continuous Integration & Development) which makes the developer’s life easy to do any integration wi...

why we should choose Grape for building Rails API_ Learn to build Rails API with Grape

Why Grape Is Best For Building Rails API? Learn To Build Rails API With Grape

In today’s development world, one of the most important factor is to maintain proper documentation for complete life cycle of the development and it must be easy for any new developer to understand. Writing API...

10 Devops best practices we must follow

10 Effective DevOps Practices We Must Follow

On implementing the effective development practices, Companies are profoundly targeting DevOps which is better in inducing close collaboration between development teams and software.  Eventually, the better Dev...