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9 Tools Everyone In The Devops Industry Should Be Using

  • By Agira Technologies
  • September 22, 2017

In this fast paced software market the need of releasing software faster and frequently is increasing. DevOps is a development and delivery process which helps you to achieve this. Our team at Agira have spent a considerable amount of time researching about DevOps and DevOps tools. We also try to use the latest tools in order to improve our processes. Based on our extensive research and experience with different kind of DevOps tools we have listed some of the Best and most useful DevOps tools here. Most of the tools we have listed here are Open source tools and many of you would have tried some of them.


There’s is a perfectly good reason for putting Jenkins on the top of the list. It is because Jenkins is one of the highly favored tool by our team. It is an automation server, a continuous integration tool that provides the plugins with which we can manage the complete software development process. With this plugins we can build, automate and deploy any software project. Jenkins helps us in monitoring the repeated jobs.



Vagrant is virtualization tool that helps us to build and configure the development environment that is light in weight and portable. The virtual machine creation is automatic with Virtualbox by Oracle. Using vagrant will reduce the setup time. Creation or crushing a new VM is very easy and it a VM can be created within minutes.



If you have already used Puppet or chef and felt that they are complex. Then, Ansible is for you. This tool is also a configuration management tool similar to both of them. But it is very simple when compared to puppet and chef. Even though puppet and chef have rich features and was there in the market for many years. Ansible is giving them a tough competition to them only because of its simplicity.



ApacheActiveMQ is one of those favorite DevOps tools in the list. It is widely used messaging and integration pattern server written in ruby. ApacheActiveMQ support cross language clients and protocols. It is feature rich and comes with many advanced features. See the full feature list of ApacheActiveMQ here.



Docker is a popular software container platform. It helps to get rid of “works on my machine” issues face by developers while collaborating on code with co workers. It helps to build, ship and run the application anywhere.



Capistrano is a remote server automation and deployment tool. Even though it is written in ruby capistrano can deploy any language. It can also handle and can be extend if there are any special deployment requirements by a language or framework.



Rudder is also a configuration management tool develope in scala. It audits and ensures if all the IT services are installed and running properly. It provides the detailed reports of the audits and using this easy and does not need any expertise.


Here the name says everything, graylog is a complete log management tool. It brings together all your log data in one place. It helps you to store different formats of data , It also lets us search and analyze the log data.


Puppet Enterprise

This list would not be complete if we don’t add Puppet to it. It is a tool that many DevOps engineers rely on. It automates the software delivery process and can completely eliminate manual work helping us to deliver software rapidly. It is prove before to be effective in improving the deployment speed.


And the list continues, The list we have mention here are some of the top notch tools which we use. But there are many other good tools available and every day new tools comes in. If you have used any other tools which you found to be very useful please comment below. For more on DevOps follow Agiratechnologies.

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