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Laravel vs Symfony – Which PHP Framework You Should Choose?

  • By Agira Technologies
  • January 25, 2020

Choosing a framework for building a web application is the toughest decision. All core businesses are striving to build more robust and versatile applications by making the right choice of framework.
Laravel are the two most popular PHP frameworks that are used to build a variety of applications and websites. Both are backed by PHP and are used by numerous companies to build innovative sites and applications. So, Let discuss which one should you choose to develop your project? if you are baffled whether you should hire a Laravel developer or Symfony developer, you’re not alone.
To make the right decision, you must first learn about both the frameworks to make an informed decision.

Laravel vs Symfony comparison
Source: Bitcoin Insider


Laravel was introduced with the intent to make programming easier for the coders. With Laravel, you can also get a project accomplished very quickly.
The learning curve for Laravel is much easier compared to Symfony, so any new developer can learn it quickly and use it professionally. The codes written in the Laravel framework are very clean and easy to follow.
Laravel has been able to keep up with Symfony due to some basic flaws like the absence of any ‘real’ auto-load feature which makes it tougher to modify codes. To make changes, the developers have to run the composer auto-load update.


Symfony is at times tough to learn, since it requires good coding skills, unlike Laravel which does not demand too much coding knowledge. To use Symfony to its full potential, you must be a good programmer.
A Symfony developer who has good experience in working on this platform stands a good chance to find better jobs. Since it requires high-end coding skills, there is a lesser number of proficient Symfony developers. A developer, who has experience in Symfony, will be able to inherit and work on projects that use Drupal, EZPublish, etc.

A Comparison of Features: Laravel vs Symfony

Source: Valuecoders

A Final Thought

So the decision regarding which framework to choose totally depends on the requirements of your web development. However, from the developer’s point of view,  It is important to consider the functionalities each of the frameworks provide.
By choosing the right framework you save time and money.  Laravel is shown massive growth in usage among leading web development companies and Symfony is trying to catch up.
Looking to start your project? You can hire Laravel developers or Symfony developers to feature-rich applications. Our PHP experts have intuitive solutions for your business web applications or website.
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