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Top 10 Reasons to Choose CakePHP Framework

  • By Agira Technologies
  • September 8, 2020

CakePHP is one of the outstanding framework written in PHP. It is an open-source framework distributed under MIT license. One of the best advantages of using the CakePHP framework is that it can be easily modified according to developers’ requirements. It is widely used for websites and web applications. As it supports multiple languages, developers can create different kinds of application s with ease. With versatile capabilities, Cake PHP development company offers development from complex and dynamic websites. In this blog, we share the crucial reasons you should consider why CakePHP for your web development.  

1. MVC Pattern

CakePHP is based on MVC (Model View Controller). It is one of the reasons why developers love CakePHP. The framework is one of the best choices for creating large scale websites and applications. You can save the queries to the database, which will be easy to handle multiple development issues within different compartments. You can set up a data model and connect it with the database. It allows the developers to make changes like delete and update the framework to work done efficiently.  

2. Open Source

CakePHP is an open-source framework that makes it too budget-friendly to develop robust web applications at an economical price. As it has no default language, the framework supports multiple languages, giving the developer the freedom to explore the most coding advantages to build excellent websites.

3. CRUD Platform

CRUD means Create, Read, Update, and Delete. It is one essential feature required for any web development. CRUD makes the development a lot smoother and well structured. With a single line of code, you can see preliminary changes in your application. CRUD enables the developers to read applicable regulations and implement new principles to create appealing websites. 

4. Code Reusability

The developers can easily reuse the code they have already created, reducing the time from writing the whole code from scratch. You can instead use the written code and deploy them multiple times. This allows you to develop a website or web application in lesser time possible. 

5. ORM

ORM stands for Object-Relational Mapping. It allows you the define the connection between each table. Utilizing the classified data and then store the tables as classes. It has impressive data management, which takes the development with CakePHP to the next level. 

6. Active Community

CakePHP has a large community of active developers who are incredibly interested in improving the framework. You are stuck somewhere, reach out to the community and put out your questions, their experts and developers from all over the world are happy to help you. It is a great platform to learn CakePHP and know more about new opportunities in web development. The community aims to improve the frameworks and help others put out the view to validate what is working and what is not.

7. No Pre-Installation

With CakePHP, you don’t have to pre-install the framework like you for other frameworks. It allows the developers to use it without the pre-configuration process, whereas most settings are already installed. You only have to configure the database settings; the rest of the features are automatically installed. 

8. Secure and Reliable 

Another essential advantage of CakePHP is its security and session handling. The framework allows you to validate the data throughout the application to include the fast and secured code to web development. It enables the developer to keep the application safe and secure from critical malpractices. CakePHP ensures that all your data is well protected and reliable for the end-users.  

9. Code Testing

For seamless performance, a website or application has to be error-free. For the same reason, the CakePHP enables the developer to do easy testing to validate how the application works. In development, there are multiple things to consider. There are chances that developers might miss while working. Instant testing allows them to find and analyze the errors and correct them as they code for error-free websites and web apps that are user ready.

10. Built-in Libraries

CakePHP is a versatile framework that comes with incredible sets of modules and libraries for developers to create unique websites and web applications. The web application developed with CakePHP is robust and highly scalable. With built-in libraries and modules, developers can build solutions in a rapid mode to reach the exact time to market and facilitates the agile development process.


CakePHP is a robust framework to make your application development fast, secure, and simplify the process. It is the most preferred choice for commercial applications. It facilitates numerous benefits for both developers and businesses. If you are opting to build unique websites and applications with CakePHP, hire PHP developers from a leading web development company that can add more value to your development. Get in touch to leverage the CakePHP framework’s maximum potential with the industry’s top PHP developers.

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