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Top 5 GraphQL Tools For Web Development

  • By Agira Technologies
  • September 9, 2020

The massive growth of GraphQL’s popularity is very evident from its launch in 2015. By adapting to 20 different programming languages, It has opted for production in major companies. With the easy availability of complementary tools, GraphQL is being used by a huge number of programmers.

GraphQL is a query language for API and a server-side runtime for executing queries by using a type system in which data is defined. It is also considered as the replacement of REST for its flexibility and rich tools.

GraphQL is the second-most adopted, after Redux, with a staggering 62.5% of developers eager to learn the query language. 

A wide range of open-source tools, editors, IDEs, and libraries makes GraphQL as a complete technology solution with enhanced workflow. As great technology enthusiasts, we’ve prepared a list of top-notch tools to boost your GraphQL APIs. Here is the list of the top 5 most popular GraphQL tools for web development. 


GraphiQL is an excellent in-browser IDE to test and document GraphQL APIs. it uses the React component to render the GraphiQL editor. GraphiQL enables syntax highlighting, error highlighting, smart typing, and much more.

This extensive IDE which is React-based and lets you explore GraphQL APIs with lots and lots of advanced features including a graphical interface that makes queries and mutations much more effortless. You can use GraphiQL to get the schema definitions from the GraphQL server.

It is now essentially developed and maintained by Lee Byron who is one of GraphQL’s co-creators and the main creator of Immutable.js.

Alternatives: GraphQL Playground and Altair

GraphQL Voyager

One can see visually how your data is relational by running it through GraphQL Voyager. It uses the GraphQL API and converts it to a visual graph. Once after establishing a root schema, you can see how fields are connected to types. It is interactive, selecting a type highlights the fields it contains and linking it to the data in the graph.

It provides a left column for field information and a visual interface for quick navigation. It is possible to simplify the graph by eliminating classes of relay wrappers. The Voyager tool also help businesses to visualize their data model and spark conversations about relational data to see the “graph” behind GraphQL.

Apollo Launchpad

Apollo Launchpad is a cutting edge tool for introducing GraphQL code in an entirely accessible way. Launchpad is an in-program GraphQL server playground. You can compose a GraphQL schema model in JavaScript, and quickly make a serverless, openly available GraphQL endpoint. Apollo Launchpad utilizes GraphiQL IDE for API testing.

GraphQL Doc

GraphQL Docs will create basic static documentation for a GraphQL schema in a flash of a second with only a GraphQL endpoint URL. This enables you to keep up private API documentation or make it freely accessible.

As an open-source equal for static documentation is GraphQL Doc, you can fork this to create and have GraphQL docs all alone. For both, the outcome is a spotless interface, search menu, and connections to schema definitions.


A GraphQL tool that enables you to characterize the GraphQL API. Make structures, connections, consents (permissions), and deal with the content easily. Generally when developing a hosted GraphQL back-end for a web project alongside tools to deal with its content.

Being a headless GraphQL CMS, building GraphQL backend is effortless, and also the content creators are left with tools to build and manage their content. 

You can get image processing, web browsing, Project management, and much more. Although the developer plan is free, the advanced software application ranges from $49 – $499 / month.

There are many other useful GraphQL tools that are popular and readily available is Apollo Optics, Bit, TIpe, Prisma, GraphQL Playground, GraphQL editor, and many others.

There are a lot more tools that appear to be rising every day, and ideally, with the approach of tools like the ones referenced in this article, more developers and entrepreneurs can receive the benefits of GraphQL.

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