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The Ultimate Guide To Choose The Right PHP Web Development Company

  • By Agira Technologies
  • May 26, 2020

PHP web development is one of the most well-known and user-approved technologies that has been taking over 70% of the websites today through the infamous WordPress CMS. There is no doubt that PHP web development provides businesses with the best web development to reach global clients from across the globe. If you own a business and look forward to hiring a PHP development company, here is the ultimate guide on how to find the right PHP web development company in the US.

Benefits of PHP web development

PHP is a server-side scripting language that helps in developing efficient web applications with scalable architecture and infrastructure. Here are the benefits of PHP web development.

  1. Easy to develop
  2. Simple and affordable
  3. Highly efficient and functional web applications
  4. Customizable web design
  5. Enhanced SEO

There are a lot more benefits that have been listed here, but it is important to hire the right PHP web development company.

Things To Consider Before Hiring The Right PHP Web Development Company

There are thousands of PHP web development companies across the world with a different set of skills and pricetags. It is the responsibility of the business owner to find the right PHP web development company that can transform your business idea into a great web application or offer you the digital breakthrough that your business deserves. Here are the things that you should consider before hiring the right PHP web development company.

1. Website

The website of the PHP web development company creates the first impression of the expertise in the industry. If the website isn’t satisfactory enough for you or the tone of the company website doesn’t suit your business needs, it is better to choose some other company. So, choose a company whose website can make you go wow in the first place. Because if the company has PHP web developers who can make the code to do magics to the user interface, it should firstly reflect on their own website. Make sure to check their website features, graphics, functionalities, and others to compare between the best.

2. Portfolio

The portfolio is one of the most important things that move around when you wanted to do business with a web development company. It gives you all the essential details about the company’s overall experience and the related experience. When it comes to PHP development, make sure that the company’s portfolio has a must-have experience in the PHP content management systems. It is considered one of the mainstream functionality of PHP development.

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3. Work Experience

When we are talking about work experience it should include development experience, testing experience, bug fixing experience, and related experience. The PHP web development company should be having the experience of fulfilling the requirements of your business. Also, make sure that the company has previous experience in working with your industry. Testing experience is an additional advantage that involves a white box, black box, and bug testing too.

4. Development methodologies

Note that every company has its own way to develop a project. It may differ from one company to another. Enquire about the company’s development process. Make sure that their development methodologies correlate with your business practices. Also, you can check if they practice Agile development. This agile software development approach can help you sort out unwanted errors and development issues.

5. Customer service

Despite any industry, customer support is the most important factor that you need to consider when choosing the PHP web development company. Make sure that the company gives you 24/7 customer service to meet the needs of your business. With this, you can always get assistance when you require it.

6. Non-Disclosure Agreement

When you pick a PHP web development company that is ready to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement, they can ensure that no information about your company leaks out. If your business idea or the business is confidential, you can choose the company that can keep your details secured.

7. Testimonials

The clientele profile of the PHP web development company is a great source of information that can help you trust a company. You can also check the testimonials and the profiles of the clients. You can also contact the companies and enquire about the work delivered from the PHP web development company.

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8. Price Quote

After segregating the top 3 companies by considering the above factors, you can contact these top three companies and ask for a price quote. By analyzing the quality, price quote, and the years of work experience, you can filter the best one out of the three. It is not the best way to choose the most affordable PHP web development company but picking the appropriate and suitable company for your business to grow beyond development.
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