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Top 10 Best Golang Project For Beginners

  • By Agira Technologies
  • May 4, 2021

Go, also known as Golang, is a programming language created by Google engineers in the tradition of C. It comes with garbage collection, memory protection, CSP-style concurrency, and structural typing in addition to being statically typed and compiled. There are many open-source Golang projects available for beginners to start.

Being established in 2007 with the aim of solving high-end innovation challenges at Google through increased efficiency. It was created with the beneficial features of other languages in mind while ignoring their flaws. It’s like C++ or Java in that it’s powerful and statically typed, and Python or JavaScript in that it’s effective and simple to use.

Golang most wanted to learn programming language

Go is a programming language that combines the best features of many other programming languages, making it ideal for a wide range of developers. Though Go is relatively simple to learn, it is critical to locate the best tools for learning Go programming in order to achieve the best results.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Go tutorials suggested by the Agiratech programming community.

Many open-source Golang projects have sprung up as a result of its widespread adoption. Here is a brief of the top 10 of the thousands of Golang projects available to get started as a beginner.

1. Httprouter

HttpRouter is a Go-based lightweight high-performance HTTP request router (also known as a multiplexer or simply mux).

Unlike Go’s net/http package’s default mux, this router accepts variables in the routing pattern and matches against the request process.


  • High Performance 
  • APIs are ideal.
  • No server failures.
  • Auto Path Correction 
  • Parameters in your routing pattern

2. Zap

Zap includes a zero-allocation, reflection-free JSON encoder, and its base Logger tries to avoid serialization overhead and allocations as much as possible. It lets users select when they need to count per allocation and when they’d rather use a more familiar, loosely typed API by building the high-level SugaredLogger on that basis.


  • Fast
  • Structured
  • Leveled Logging

3. Vuls

Vuls is a Golang project that searches libraries, network computers, WordPress, Linux, FreeBSD, and other systems for vulnerabilities.


  • Excellent Quality Scans
  • Both dynamic and static Scans
  • Both dynamic and static Scans Deep root Scans
  • WordPress Themes and Plugins can be scanned quickly and thoroughly.

4. Fyne

Fyne is a Golang-based UI toolkit and software API that allows you to build cross-platform applications from a single codebase.


  • It works on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Allows you to write widgets more quickly.
  • Creates apps on a variety of devices.

5. Wuzz

Wuzz is a command-line interface for inspecting HTTP requests. With the “download as cURL” function, it will inspect/modify requests copied from the browser’s network inspector.


  • Inspect requests
  • Modify requests
  • “copy as cURL” feature

6. Go Cloud

Go technology developers will use the Go Cloud Development Kit (Go CDK) to build cloud applications on any variety of cloud providers. This is accomplished by offering consistent, idiomatic frameworks for basic tasks such as storage and databases.


  • Binary (blob) storage that is unstructured
  • Subscribe/Publish (pubsub)
  • Variables that alter during execution (runtimevar)
  • Database connections to MySQL and PostgreSQL (mysql, postgres)
  • Request logging, monitoring, and health checks are also part of the application initialization and diagnostics (server)

7. Pgweb

Pgweb is a web-based PostgreSQL database browser written in Go that runs on OSX, Linux, and Windows computers. The key motivation for using Go for backend creation is to take advantage of the compiler’s ability to generate zero-dependency binaries for a variety of platforms. Pgweb was developed as an attempt to develop a very basic and lightweight framework for working with PostgreSQL databases, whether local or remote.


  • Support for several platforms 32/64-bit OSX/Linux/Windows
  • Installation is easy (distributed as a single binary)
  • There are no dependencies.
  • PostgreSQL 9.1+ is needed.
  • Connections via SSH
  • Many database sessions are possible.

8. Server

A simple server for sending and receiving messages in real-time per WebSocket. (Includes a sleek web-ui)


  • REST-API is a protocol that allows you to send messages.
  • Manage customers, servers, and programmes by using WebSockets.
  • Plugins are small programmes that add functionality to the website.

9. Thanos

Thanos is a set of components that can be composed into a highly available metric system with unlimited storage capacity, which can be added seamlessly on top of existing Prometheus deployments.


  • View of all linked Prometheus servers in a single question
  • Metrics collected from Prometheus HA pairs are deduplicated and merged.
  • Integration of current Prometheus configurations is seamless.
  • Its only, discretionary dependency is object storage.

10. Qt

QT is a cross-platform application framework that is used for developing application software that can be run on various software and hardware platforms with little or no change in the underlying codebase.


  • Cross-Platform
  • Build applications on a single codebase

You’ll learn how to use Goroutines and channels to create massively concurrent systems, how to use Interfaces to simplify complicated programmes, and how to use types to future-proof the software, among other items.

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