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Best Golang Use Cases: What’s Possible With Go?

  • By Agira Technologies
  • April 16, 2021

Golang, or commonly known as Go, is a relatively new programming language that has grown in popularity in recent years due to its broad range of applications. The Golang uses cases are increasing day-to-day. So, Golang developers are exploring ways to make the most of the programming language. The expressiveness, high functionality, and compilation speed make it a big success, assisting company owners and developers in solving various issues.

Furthermore, the Go programming language is so modular and versatile that companies spanning industries use it for machine learning, networking, scripting, big data, website development, audio/video editing, and more. It has attracted the interest of several well-known industry titans. Some of the top companies that use Golang for their application development include Uber, Alibaba, Facebook, BBC, Intel, Netflix, and Twitter. They leverage the best features of Golang development services demonstrate different use cases of Golang for various industries.

companies that use golang

The number of implementations for this next-generation programming language is rising at an alarming rate, thanks to its growing success and demand. This blog post discusses a few business use cases for the Go programming language to aid in developing projects that are fast, safe, and scalable.

While no language is suitable for every work, specific languages are more appropriate than others. If you intend to build the underlying utilities for your app, Go would undoubtedly suffice. Go is also suitable for scalable, high-performance applications. We’ve compiled a list of applications and utilities that benefit from Go to the Max.

Top Golang Use Cases

Let’s take a look at the top five Golang consumer applications that can assist you in redefining your core services and products.

1. Cloud-Native Applications

Cloud computing is a critical component of today’s digital software architecture. One can develop software systems that are readily scaleable and sharable with cloud services. Also, Golang is an outstanding option for building cloud-native software and microservices. Being a modern cross-platform programming language, it allows you to create flexible and dependable cloud applications quickly. 

You can build a Go application in Kubernetes using Docker containerization to satisfy your clients’ unique requirements. Also, as Kubernetes is written in Go, you can get auto-scaling and multi-cluster support.

2. Web Development

Golang is well-suited to web production and the creation of scalable multiprocessor frameworks. When designing the new mobile applications and technologies, businesses break through the complexities faced by their users. Apart from allowing you to create mobile applications from the ground up, Golang also enables you to generate authentication mechanisms for increased security.

Top 9 Web Frameworks for Development in Golang

Some of the best Go frameworks for web development include Mango, Martini, Flamingo, HTTP/Net, Beego, Echo, and GoCraft.

6. Fast and Elegant CLIs

 Unlike GUI, CLI is a text-only interface that follows software engineering principles that ideally suit task-based automation. Go provides a simple interface for developing CLI-based infrastructure and cloud apps with remote and automation capabilities.

Developers in Golang, on the other hand, use these two leading technologies: Cobra and Viper, to build CLI tools and applications.

7. Support DevOps and SRE

In DevOps (Development Operations) and Site Reliability Engineering, the Go language is gaining popularity. Golang is ideal for projects that use CI/CD approaches because you can build once and promote anywhere. It allows you to simplify and enhance the CI/CD operations, but it can also help you improve the reliability and scalability of the websites.

8. Scalable Database Implementations

Golang can help you create and maintain highly flexible databases by providing excellent support. One can conveniently work regular SQL and other database packages such as Oracle, MongoDB, Postgres, MySQL, BigQuery, SQLite, Redis, and others.

Let’s take a look at some of the libraries and drivers available in Golang:

  • CockroachDB
  • GORM
  • Bleve
  • InfluxDB

9. Distributed Networked Services. 

Concurrency is the lifeblood of network systems. The native concurrency features of Go, such as goroutines and channels, are ideal for this type of work. As a result, many Go programs focus on networking, remote functions, and cloud resources. APIs, database servers, and web application architectures are only a few examples.

10. Utilities And Stand-alone Tools. 

Programs in Golang compile to binaries with few external dependencies. Since one can quickly deploy and bundle for redistribution, they’re perfect for building utilities and other resources.

Real-world Golang Use Cases:

American Express uses Go for payments and rewards.

American Express is an international financial services company headquartered in the United States that primarily provides charge cards, gift cards, traveler’s checks, and other services and goods. Currently, Golang is being used to make the company’s payments and rewards program more robust, stable, and scalable. Also, this next-generation programming language was already familiar to many American Express developers. As a result, they began to use it to build microservices, capture and aggregate real-time incidents, and compose resilient applications, among other things.

Netflix uses Golang for enterprise development.

Netflix, the world’s most famous media service provider and production firm, uses Golang for business growth. Big corporations use Go mostly to optimize server loading and data processing. Netflix’s web developers were looking for a faster programming language than Java and less time-consuming than C. Golang appeared to fulfill their needs by allowing them to manage millions of customer contacts at the same time.

Uber uses Go to improve the user experience.

Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, is using the Go programming language to improve map processing speeds and automate decision-making. The business also uses Golang to develop microservices that help extend its highest Question Per Second(QPS) Service. As a result of Golang, Uber was able to reduce its customer service wait times substantially. Also, Golang assists the taxi behemoth in the following ways:

  1. Achieve high throughput while minimizing latency
  2. Perform CPU-intensive tasks
  3. Obtain fresh and up-to-date geofence data

Aside from the above services and products, Go provides good tooling for mobile app development. It is why you can see more examples of Go in mobile apps and probably in some other industries.

To conclude, Go is quickly changing for the best, and it is enabling companies to scale and optimize their business. It provides more mobile and web development tools to remarkably decrease the time and costs of app development. 

Now you know the Golang use cases, If you are looking to migrate to the Go language, hire Golang developers from Agira technologies or get in touch with our team of experts who will help you develop, deploy, and streamline business-ready web and mobile apps.

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