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7 Reasons Why Golang Is The Best Choice For Your Software Development

  • By Agira Technologies
  • February 13, 2020

Why Go programming language so popular among developers? Here we introduce core reasons behind the popularity of Golang among developers. Go becomes the fastest-growing programming language of 2019.
Choosing a programming language for web development, we agree it’s hard! It is obvious that all developers should have a better understanding of the language before making the end decision.
If you are wondering Go will be the right choice for your development, we got you right there. This post will guide you in making the right decision on your project and move forward. Explore the advanced features of Golang and its outlook popularity among developers.
Let’s get started with what makes Golang the best choice for software development.


1. Fast & Simple

Though code structure sometimes turns out quite long it has clear solutions every logics even for the complex issues because Go originally approaches clear syntax structure throughout the coding, therefore, the flexibility and simplicity in handling code are assured.
Since it comes with a text-based approach, therefore, it would be easy for you to master Go in a few days so you don’t need to spare much time on understanding the codings. Coming to the compilation, comparing to other languages Go grabs the top place in compilation because Go API stays extremely fast in compiling and produces the result in less MB.

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2. Cohesive Concurrency Model

Usually handling Concurrent programming in any language has never been easy but Go makes it easier and simple for developers by avoiding complexities. Due to its capability on leveraging a multi-core processor and its powerful memory option that highly capable of running heavy applications makes Concurrency support as a highly appreciated feature in Golang.
Goroutines is the lightweight approach introduced earlier in Golang, this in-built concurrency helps the developers to handle hundreds or thousands of Goroutines at the same time. Since it’s lightweight and cheap so it can be created in less memory which remains developers’ most preferred choice and makes them fall all over again for Go.

3. Garbage Collector

A well developed dynamic and automatic memory management in Go has a significant impact on both performance and concurrency. Basically the objects which are dynamically allocated are called Garbage collected. Unlike most of the programming languages, you’re not restricted to use value types, here you’re free to choose the value types.
In Golang, you don’t have to stumble with thousands of commands for handling objects because Garbage collection got your back which can be used on both allocation and removal of objects.

4. Object-Oriented Language

In Go, you don’t necessarily need “class” to make use of Oops because Go got you “structs” instead of classes so you can define n number of properties and methods with help of Structs. Of course, Golang doesn’t have inheritance but it has more than that, it got the most promising concept called “encapsulation” and “Polymorphism”.
There is a reason why Go doesn’t have an inheritance because the interfaces in Go are structured in such a way to avoid inheritance. So obviously you won’t be craving for inheritance in Golang whereas you will all set to play with and make fun with Polymorphic code because it’s structured in such an interactive way to induce interest among the developers.

5. Static Type

Golang is the static language, so the compilers in Go explicitly designed to look for the code standards, this will completely take care of the code compatibility issues to avoid the bugs during execution. Therefore before the execution itself, this can greatly help us to catch all bugs to produce error-free code that ensures the fast execution and specified output.

6. Free From Dependency Libraries

Go has the powerful way of combining all the dependency libraries into a single binary file based on the app structure and OS so you totally need not look for dependency libraries every time instead you can finish your work by uploading a single binary file that can comprise all your dependency issues. Cool! It is not it!

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7. Standard Library

Go owns a powerful set of the library that provides inbuilt functions for primitives which can be distributed as packages and these libraries will serve the components with whatever required.

Final words

Apart from the list, Go owns collections of inbuilt features that support the cross-platform development in Go and you’re not left without guidance, there are plenty of guides, documentations and communities are ready to help you with everything you want to know about Golang development.
Also, the GitHub repository is keep filled by countless sources by the Golang developers every day. So moving ahead with one of the power-packed languages like Go will not be a big deal for you! Start today and also post your opinions on working with Golang, we like to hear from you!

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