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Why Ruby on Rails is Perfect for E-Commerce Development

  • By Agira Technologies
  • February 12, 2020

Ruby on Rails is one of the most efficient development ecosystems that let you develop faster than any other frameworks. It is well-known for its effortless development, code readability and its MVC model. When it comes to E-commerce, Ruby on Rails is the most prefered language for many businesses. If you doubt that, the most popular Shopify uses Ruby on Rails for its development. The following are the reasons why you should choose Ruby on Rails for E-commerce. And everything you should know about developing an eCommerce site using Ruby on Rails.

Reasons To Choose ROR For E-Commerce Development

There are many valid reasons to choose Ruby on Rails for E-commerce development. As already mentioned many of the popular e-commerce sites use Ruby on Rails for building their product. Even though there are many platforms to develop e-commerce sites, Ruby on Rails remains the favourite of many developers due to its features. Here are the following reasons to choose ROR for eCommerce.


Being an open-source framework for both developers and enterprises, Ruby on Rails is free of cost to work with. All you have to pay is for hiring the best Ruby on Rails developer from a reliable Ruby on Rails development company. Ruby on Rails can be easily integrated with free tools and web servers. As developers can effortlessly develop faster in Ruby on Rails platform, you can save money when development time is less. It is said that ⅓ of the development time is consumed less when using Ruby on Rails. If you are looking for cost-effective solutions, Ruby on Rails is the perfect fit.

Effortless Development

It is easier for the developers to build web applications faster with the code syntax and programming techniques in Ruby on Rails. You can configure it faster than any other frameworks. This is what an entrepreneur expects from a development ecosystem, rapid development without any delays. One can say that developing in RoR follows a similar structure for all applications. So, new Ruby on Rails developers can cope up with its readability in just a glance. The MVC and DRY practices can enhance scalability, reduce time and increase efficiency.
You will only need a small team to build an MVP (with a beta version) at a quick turn around time.

High Performance

It is crucial for any web application to perform better. Ecommerce sites are no exception from that. Web applications built using Ruby on Rails perform efficiently with high loading speed. Ruby provides stability which is very crucial for an eCommerce website.

Wide Ecosystem (with lots of free tools and resources)

The wide-range ecosystem of Ruby on Rails provides you with all the essential toolkits, libraries and other plugins for free. The libraries available in Ruby on Rails are popularly known as gems. There are more than 150 thousand gems available and it keeps on increasing. These libraries simplify the work of a developer with common functionalities to save time. The highly active community makes sure to solve the issues already before you face it for the first time. So, you will be easily getting free plug-ins for eCommerce development and can easily customize according to your requirement.


The reason for building a web application from scratch is to have the freedom to make changes to it. Ruby on Rails lets you enjoy that with its adaptable stage by allowing you to modify the structure of the code according to your needs. So, you can easily scale up your business when it is required.

Smooth Integration

Integration is the key to rapid development and effortless scalability. For an eCommerce website, it is important to be able to integrate with payment gateways for an uninterrupted sales flow. Ruby on rails lets a web application to integrate easily with multiple gateways including Paypal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, Braintree and many more. It is also easily integrable with every database.

High Scalability

Many tech giants including Github and Shopify recently ungraded their applications to the latest version of Rails. This means that Ruby on Rails is highly scalable especially if you are an e-commerce business.

Community support

The highly active community makes sure to solve the issues already before you face it for the first time. This strongly responsive community helps you in making your website more responsive in very less time. This is why people call Ruby on Rails as a versatile language to build any application despite its industry.


As already mentioned, security is one of the most essential features that is expected from an e-commerce website. Because when the customers are asked to do their payments, they definitely expect a highly secured web application before carrying out their payment process. Ruby on Rails provides you with the much-expected cybersecurity to your eCommerce site. You can build your e-commerce site with built-in protection against SQL and other Injection attacks.
This reliable ecosystem provides you with everything that you would need to build a robust, scalable and reliable eCommerce store.

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ROR solutions for every segment of Ecommerce development

You will get the best solution for all the segments of eCommerce development from the home page to the payment page. it has all the tools and plug-ins to provide you with complete solutions. Before getting into that you should be knowing about the e-commerce frameworks for Ruby on Rails.
Spree is an open-source Ruby on Rails framework mostly all the essential functionalities. You can also build large eCommerce applications like GoDaddy. Making your website more feature-rich is easy with a wide range of tools that are provided by the spree. There is another resourceful e-commerce solution called Solidus that is also widely used by many companies.
Here is the list of a few solutions you will get if you develop an eCommerce store using Ruby on Rails.

1. Inventory management

Product organization – spree_product_groups
Bundles and Kits – spree-product-assembly
Import/Export products – datashift_spree
Dropshipping – spree_drop_ship
Digital products – spree_digital
Other customer features – Spree_flexi_variants

2. Storefront

Top Ruby on Rails CMSs

Blogging platform – spree-blogging-spree
Localization – spree_globalize
Translation – spree_i18n
Product zoom – spree_product_zoom

3. Shopping Cart

Payment – spree_gateway , spree_multi_currency , credit_card_validations , Active Merchant
Payment gateways – spree_paypal_express, spree_braintree_vzero, Stripe Ruby library, spree_pay_with_amazon
Security – 3D Secure, Kount Standard, and Kount Custom
Shipping – ActiveShipping , Shippo-ruby-client, FedEx , Ups-ruby , Spree_easypost
Taxes – spree_avatax_certified , spree_taxjar , spree_tax_cloud

4. Accounting and Finance

Accounting software – quickbooks-ruby, xeroizer
Invoice – spree_print_invoice.
Sales processing – sales_and_orders_decorator
Double-entry accounting system – double_entry, plutus, and keepr.

5. CRM

(CRMs with API written in Ruby on Rails with their integrations available)
Salesforce – restforce
Zoho – rubyzoho
Hubspot – hubspot-ruby

6. Customer support

Call center – ZendeskAPI::Client
Live Chat – twilio-ruby or intercom-ruby.

7. Analytics

Google Analytics – Google Analytics API client library , Spree_analytics_trackers , Analytical
Impressions – Impressionist
Visits – Ahoy

Top Ruby on Rails CMS

RoR CMSSome of the top e-commerce companies that use RoR are

Some of the top eCommerce companies run successfully using Ruby on Rails. Instacart, Super Pedestrian, Farmdrop, and Floyd are some of the famous names to mention.
RoR ecommerce
Many other successful brands incorporate Ruby on Rails like Amazon, Casper and Hierro in their e-commerce sites. What’s stopping you? Get in touch with the best Ruby on Rails development company, or hire the best Ruby on Rails developers from Agira technologies to build a high-end e-commerce site for your business.

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