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Why Updating Your Ruby on Rails Website Matters for Business?

  • By Agira Technologies
  • August 17, 2020

Technologies are evolving faster; there is always something new coming up as add on in the bundle. Emerging technologies are having a shorter lifespan, attaining a specific standard become more and more challenging. Almost every Ruby on Rails application is build with the latest current version of Rails. 

As time passes by, the application can be outdated, leading to fatal mistakes. As the new version comes out and your Rails application becomes more distant from the latest version. Sometimes the website can start having issues, leaving no option but to update with the latest version. 

In this blog, let’s find out why does it matter to upgrade your Rails application.


A Rails application or website is imperative to technology; they contain vulnerable data that has to be protected from hacks, attacks, or other harmful sources. For the same reason, security is the biggest issue to keep the data safe within the application. Security is one of the significant reasons to ensure your Ruby on Rails app is up to date. As the new threats arise, the latest version comes with specific security patches to protect the data against them. You can rapidly implement the latest security patches to your application to remain safe and protected.


The security patches can save you time in a highly competitive business environment when you try to fix the existing bugs. Upgrading to the latest version gives your the total control of your app and certainly boosts brand reputation. 

Improved Performance

Websites or applications are growing bigger and better. To able to do things faster, every release version focuses on making the new version smoother with speed. Both Ruby and Rails receive updates separately, and updating can only add benefits for your business applications. So, ensure that your application has the newest performance updates from time to time. 


The stability of any application takes a hit when new bugs occur. Leaving the bugs without addressing will only lead to critical concerns. Upgrading with a new version gives stability to ensuring all the bug fixes are applied to your app. The creators and community need to fix these bugs. When the bugs occur, you need to improve your rail website or app to remove them. Bugs can affect the overall performance of the app by creating multiple issues like a poor garbage collector, memory leaks and performance, etc. 

Improvements in Programming Language

Ruby and Rails run parallel to each other. Ruby gets updated according to the Rails complaints. It contains performance, security, and other essential factors. Both should frequently be upgrading to the latest version to take advantage f the programming languages as it gets more flexible and powerful. 

New Gems and Ecosystem Updates

The libraries and gem also get improved as the rails improve. They also entitled to receive performance and security patched updates on regular intervals. Gems are a significant part of Ruby on Rails application. The number is on constant growth to support developers in some of the more crucial and underlying issues. The new updates only keep evolving and improving the change loop, which of these are dependencies. It helps the developers to work with ease.


And, there are many reasons to upgrade your Rails application. These factors are essential to consider when updating any technology. Staying up to date with the latest version of rails can add numerous advantages to your app. While upgrading your Rail application, you should also consider the issues you may encounter during the update. There are a few things that have to do before getting into the development phase. 

It’s better to understand your current version, test coverage, external libraries that your app depends on the complexity of the existing application. If planned out, you’re all set fr the rail upgraded a start the development project. 

If you have a Rail application that needs an upgrade to the latest version, feel free to get in touch with technical experts. We are happy to help you out!

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