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Best Ruby on Rails tutorials for Ruby On Rails Developers

  • By Agira Technologies
  • November 17, 2021

There are plenty of Ruby on Rails tutorials available on the internet. But finding the right Ruby on Rails tutorials that help you in day-to-day coding is very tough. If you’re new to programming or have never written before, establishing a Ruby application will be a lot easier than picking a language like Python or Java.

Ruby on Rails also makes your work easier when it comes to web development by making some beneficial assumptions based on convention, which means you can accomplish more with less code.

Ruby on Rails is also one of the most powerful web development frameworks, with many prominent companies such as Twitter, Groupon, Shopify, Github, LivingSocial, and Yellowpages utilizing it.

In this post, get to know the top 10 Ruby on rails tutorials for learning Ruby programming and then some courses for learning Ruby on Rails from the ground up.

Ruby on Rails vs Django

Building APIs With ROR And GraphQL

GraphQL is a query language and server-side runtime for API that prioritize and provide the data exactly requested. It makes API fast, flexible, and developer-friendly. As it is language-independent, we can implement the GraphQL gem. This gives us a specific file structure and command-line tools to easily add GraphQL functionality to our Rails API.

This Ruby on Rails tutorial explains how to integrate GraphQL with the Ruby On Rails Application.

The Definitive RSpec Tutorial With Examples

RSpec is a testing tool for Ruby programmers. RSpec is a Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) tool. Tests written in RSpec focus on the “behavior” of an application. RSpec does not put emphasis on how the application works but instead on how it behaves, and what the application actually does. RSpec is a DSL for writing tests. In other words, it tries to make tests as readable as possible. Not only that, but it also produces output that reads like a story, or spec (“specification”).

Get to know the following in this Ruby on Rails tutorial:

  • Setting up RSpec 
  • Structure of RSpec
  • Testing with RSpec
  • Nested Groups
  • RSpec Matchers
  • RSpec Formatters

Ruby – Date & Time Tutorial (With Examples)

Date and Time are one of the basic requirements for any web application. Ruby on rails provides you with a Date and time class that helps you represent a specific point in time in your web application. Ruby has three components for representing the Date and Time class.

  1. Date – Date class manages the dates, day, month, year.
  2. Time – It manages the seconds, minutes, hours.
  3. DateTime – It includes the above two classes. A DateTime object can be created with many subclasses like new, parse, strptime, now, commercial.

Behavior Driven Development And Testing In Ruby

Understanding the Behavior Driven Development and Testing to Ruby on Rails using Capybara libraries can be quite easy as you will see in this blog. Here is a brief explanation of how to test the actual behavior of the system from an end-user perspective using BDD (Behavior Driven Development) based testing. There are many BDD testing tools for rails, such as the renowned RSpec is considered a main library and cucumber for writing high-level tests. But here, we are using the capybara framework as it is most helpful for this testing.

How to integrate rails with react

How To Integrate Rails With React: A Guide For Ruby On Rails & React Developers

There are different ways to use React inside Ruby on Rails apps. In this post, I’ll explain how you can integrate React with Ruby on Rails. Using the most popular ways practiced by the developers at present.

Listing 10 Rails Console Tips & Shortcuts To Boost The Productivity

The rails console is the back door of the Rails application. This blog explains the tips and shortcuts on the Rails console that can boost productivity. Here is the list of all the commands to interact with the Rails app. When using the Rails console parallelly while writing an application, the listed commands are a breakthrough in productivity. As a Rails developer, the Rails console is an immense help.

Building Service-Oriented Architecture Using Rails And Kafka

Whenever we’re building a service-oriented product, it must be integrated with a collection of services like chat and payments, etc. So, it’s obvious that it might lead us to face any conflicts while integrating too many services at a time. This is where Kafka is being highly recommended to avoid any future conflicts while adding multiple services. Have a look at How Kafka and Kafka’s event-driven process simplifies the service-oriented architecture.

Testing Rails Applications – Complete Ruby On Rails Testing Guide

This tutorial covers the basic setup and complete test cases of a rails application. Basically, Testing helps to develop the behaviors of an application & TDD(Test Driven Development) is one of the major approaches used by most of the rails developers. Alongside, in test-driven development (TDD), the test is written first before writing the functional code & it is much simpler than you think. Go through the complete guide on testing Rails applications. 

How To Create Custom Shopify App Using Rails

As we all knew customizing an app might not be possible. And though if we try hard to customize it, either the result will not be good or it totally ruins our time. So we’re in a situation to opt for the best choice. We, Agira technologies as Rails experts wanted to build an app in Shopify based on the client’s requirements that is fully customizable. Eventually, the choice we made, turned out to be the best & smooth to handle than the expectation. Almost, all the requirements are met in a short time. As the result, time consumption is too less than the expected estimation. The results are good & flexible. After all, the client is super happy with its outcome because the application has all the required customization in one shot.

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